Iraq vet's family murdered, Moonbats gloat

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  1. It was reported today that a deployed soldier's family was brutally murdered in a town outside Seattle, Washington. Army National Guard Sgt. Leonid Milkin's wife, their two children and his sister-in-law were stabbed multiple times before their house was set on fire to cover up the murders, authoriries believe. Sgt. Milkin has been granted emergency leave from duty in Iraq.

    After reading about this tragedy, I clicked on the link for reader comments. I wasn't prepared for the disgusting comments from anti-war lunatics. Many on the Left purport to "support the troops" even though they disagree with the war. Here's what they say under the anonymity of the internet when the cameras aren't rolling:

    Maybe he signed up for the wrong profession because who in their right mind would want to be a army man? He should have studied harder in school and found a real job instead of joining the army. Lmao , be all u can be? Don't patronize me ! People who join the army either have no education or come from small towns.. He should blame himself for his family dying due to his lack of education.

    Too bad the paid assasin wasn't home also... Got what he deserved for serving an illegal government in an illegal war.

    The killer is a jew which is ironic since the US is in iraq to protect the jews in israel.

    i feel sorry for the family but not the soldier since he killed people in iraq himself.


    The p***k bush has cut funds to lock away the lunatics, just to pay for his illegal war. May the same fate await the evil bushites.......they are evil and will be treated as such. They, the pig bushites, are truly the enemies of America!

    Bush and republicans put them both in harms way..........If he had been home this would have never happened....instead he is risking his life for another republican lost cause....

    MOre Deaths indirectly caused by Geroge W. BUSH!!!! If he didnt lie to start a war.....and the husband was at home, the people would all be alive. The was is for Halleburton, Exxon MObile, and all the other members of the Industrial military complex, who ar to benefit by this war. THANKS BUSH, hope you can sleep nights... But people without a conscious dont have trouble sleeping...I guess.


    Yeah, the moonbats "support the troops." Sure...
  2. Excellent post Hapa, though the subject is sad and disgusting. Not that I am surprised but the typical liberal response: to blame the victim, except of course when the liberals are the victims, which is generally the case.
  3. Hap, nice try.

    Next time you make something up at least sign your own name to the piece.
  4. bsmeter


    This moron makes up comments and passes them off as "moonbat" comments. WHo sent the American troops there? Where are the so called "WMDs"? Oh, that's right, it is'nt about the wmd's anymore. Hahaha.

    However it's a known fact you and people like you are TERRORIST LOVERS!


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  5. bsmeter


    Well we all know you're a terrorist lover. There's not much else I need to know after that.
  6. LOL!

    When posted with evidence proving you're an imbecile for stating I made the comments up, you are left with nothing but ad hominem. You share that characteristic with many moonbats on this board and in general.

    Don't hurt yourself trying to figure it out.
  7. As opposed to what? Huffington Post?


    Anyway, like your brother in stupidity, bsmeter, you are left with nothing but ad hominem.

    I would debate further with you, but I have a soft spot for the mentally challenged.

    Back to the sandbox.....good boy....
  8. bsmeter


    There's nothing ad hominem in my comments, all my comments are well researched and grounded in facts which can easily be verified.

    However YOU are the moonbat king of terrorist lovers. You have a very well recorded history of apologizing for and maybe even approving of the Saudi wahabi terror clan and their funding of 9/11
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