Iraq Vets Against the War (FUNNY!!)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Brandonf, May 21, 2007.

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    This is some funny shit, you truely can not make this up.

    Here we have the fife player (in the band) who could no longer "indirectly kill innocents" and "harm mother earth and her children" (BY BEING IN THE BAND!!!!!!!). She was ashamed for 2 years and could not talk to anyone nor admit she was a vet till she found IVAW. Of course she does live in Berkeley so her whackyness may be partially forgiveable. No seriously, it might not be her fault, Im pretty convinced that the EPA needs to take a serious look at the water out there, if they do I'm sure they will find that there is something in it which disconnects any form of logical thought. They are victims (of major corporate polutionists of course!!!)

    And then a guy from my own home state of Iowa (where the water is fine, I'm not sure what happened to him). He went AWOL, and now he is pissed off that the recruiters lied to him by telling him that his veteran status would make it easier to get a job, but he has found that it is "In fact much harder"...gee try going AWOL and have that on your service record and wonder why no one wants to hire you!

    There are several other good ones too, some real doozies.

    Have fun.