Iraq Veteran Speaks Out On War Crimes

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  1. Listen to this interview of Iraq vet Jesse McBeth, on which he revealed that the troops are actually being instructed to instill fear in the Iraqi people, to kill innocent civilians, and to destroy infracture. not to "free" them.
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    If true, it's very serious that they were instructed to ignore the Geneva conventions. I don't think the guy has a reason to lie, therefore it's very disturbing.

    How can anyone with any conscience watch this video and still support the war?

    I am not keen on using Wikipedia as a source, but in this case I stand corrected. I should have done a bit more research before posting this thread. Nevertheless, these wars fought for lies remain ignominious stains on America's reputation.
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    What do the anti-war peoples lies (for example this thread) do to anyone's reputation?

    We went to war because Iraq didn't fulfill it's surrender obligations from the previous war. When the conditions for stopping a war are not met, that means (duh) the war is back on. Anybody doesn't like it: tough. Saying a hundred times that someone lied us into war doesn't make it true, contrary to popular thought.
  4. There were no weapons of mass destruction. So we went to war for lies. There were no surrender obligations to fulfill.
  5. Spoken like a true moonbat.

    So endeth any hope of a rational discussion.....