IRAQ strike is coming soon

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MVP, Sep 19, 2002.

  1. MVP


    you can see it in the new LOWS...
  2. yeah, could be institutions getting flat, and big money thinking twice about buying the lows. apparently W just wants blood. isn't interested in working out a more gradual arrangement.

    don't blame me, my vote wasn't counted. HA!

    someone else mentioned alot of short covering...again, could be everybody's trying to get flat.
  3. Minime


    You think they're jumping ahead of the UN's 1 year proposal for compliance? I hope we don't jump too soon, but the UN is full of a bunch of wimps.
  4. ElCubano


    If the UN cant enforce....which so far they havent...someone must.
  5. Thanks. For a moment there I thought the selling had to do with:

    Tax selling.

    The fall period.

    Worries of terrorist activities.

    Bad earnings.

    A desire to retest the July lows.

    No visibility.

    Triple Witching.

    Corporate Fraud.

    Bad Economy.

    High PE's. I know the real reason for the selloff....