Iraq says 85,000 violently killed, 2004-2008

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  1. Iraq says 85,000 violently killed, 2004-2008.

    About 148,000 people were injured during the same period.

    "'Terrible figures'

    It does not include the first months of the war after the 2003 US-led invasion, as there was no functioning Iraqi government at that time to keep track.

    "Through the terrorist attacks like explosions, assassinations, kidnappings and forced displacements, the outlawed groups have created these terrible figures which represent a big challenge for the rule of law and for the Iraqi people," it said.

    Among the deaths were 1,279 children, 2,334 women, 263 university professors, 21 judges, 95 lawyers and 269 journalists.

    The data covers only violent deaths, such as people killed in shootings, bombings, mortar attacks and beheadings.

    It does not include indirect factors such as damage to infrastructure, health care and stress that contributed to more deaths.

    About 148,000 people were injured during the same period.

    The BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse in Baghdad says the numbers may be staggering but they are relatively conservative."
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    These figures are claimed by the Iraqi puppet governments. Other sources say 1.1 - 1.3 million Iraqis dead since the invasion.
  3. You do understand that whatever the number is, 99% of the Iraqi victims were killed by their Iraqi/Arab brethren, not americans...don't you?
  4. Sorry, you are both inaccurate, but thanks for posting and showing that at least someone cares.

    "The most recent numbers from Iraq Body Count, a non-governmental organisation that has tracked civilian casualties since the war began, puts the number of fatalities at 93,540."

    "Coalition forces, principally US as well as some UK, were identified to have killed at least 536 Iraqi civilians in year four (excluding a major incident in Najaf in January which is still under investigation by IBC). This compares with 370 in year three. If 536 seems insignificant in light of the overall total, consider for a moment what it would mean if in your country there were, on average, three incidents a week in which a foreign army killed civilians, including the killing of a 5-yr-old girl and entire families with their children. Would this army be a stabilising influence?"

  5. How was I inaccurate if virtually all the killings of Iraqi civilians were committed by other Iraqis/Arabs?
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    Do you want to say that when Kurdish militia (supported militarily by the US) kills an Iraqi, then the Iraqi's death should not be counted as a victim of war?
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    Iraq Body Count is one of many organisations that counts the dead. What makes you think that this one is the most accurate one?
  8. Wow...85k violently killed in Iraq in those 4 years. They just barely beat the United states as only about 68,000 people were murdered here in those same 4 years. So I guess the USA is still SLIGHTLY safer than Iraq.
  9. You can't start a fire in a crowded hotel and claim it is the smoke and flames that caused the deaths.

    Please don't make these kind of comparsions. Do you know the population of Iraq? It is less than 10 times that of the US.
  10. You're not very bright, are you..
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