Iraq - just a ploy to hide the "failure" of the war on terrorism?

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  1. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed's capture has just taken a lot of the wind out of that argument.

    Peaceniks and protesters must be awfully upset at his capture, as it proves that the US is fully capable of fighting a war in the shadows and in the conventional sense as well.
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  3. Kim offers asylum to Saddam: Report

    TIMES NEWS NETWORK[ SUNDAY, MARCH 02, 2003 02:46:40 PM ]

    HONG KONG: North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has offered political asylum to Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, according to a front page story in Sunday's South China Morning Post.

    The bizarre tale appears to be the kind of news story that newspapers like to publish on April Fool's Day, except for one thing: it has a credible source.

    He is Stanley Ho Hung-sun, the wealthy magnate who runs Macau's gambling casinos, through whom "high-level North Korean officials have offered the Iraqi dictator and his family 11th hour sanctuary in a mountain in North Korea".

    Chinese billionaires like Ho do not always possess political acumen but it is usually difficult to take them for a ride. Ho told the SCMP that senior level North Korean officials "told me that there really was a chance to prevent a war and (they) said that Saddam Hussein could step down two days before the US and Britain started to bomb Iraq and he (Saddam) could call democratic elections".

    Ho goes on to say that "one of the conditions of those elections would be that none of the candidates would be allowed funding from the US, ensuring that there was no American interference in a future Iraqi democratic state. Anyone who did accept money from the US would be shot"--presumably by a Saddam who had not entirely stepped down prior to the election.

    Ho extolled this initiative by saying that "it could be (Saddam Hussein's) trump card. North Korea is willing to give Saddam and his family a mountain in North Korea."

    The news story seems to be straight out of Ripley's “Believe It Or Not” except for one thing: Ho does have North Korean connections. The SCMP notes that in 1999 Stanley invested US$30 million in the North when he opened a Casino Pyongyang next to the Korean Workers Party headquarters.
  4. I expect shortly to hear the crying that there is no "concrete proof" that this guy has done anything. They will also be saying that this is just one guy, and still not UBL! Greed is slowly working. Wonder how many individuals will be sharing in the $25 million lottery for this guy! :)
  5. Their probably more pissed that Donahue got canceled, not that they watch even that, they don't want facts, they want to know what Rosie O'Donnell thinks.
  6. ZBEAR


    There was never any "Real" Wind in the argument in the first place.

    What is truly amazing is that with 200 Special Ops, leading some factious Afghanis,
    We totally tore the Musselmen a new orifice in a matter of days.
    Sure we had some Marines in there at a base camp for awhile -
    but that was about it - they did not move around much.
    No massive troop ops - NADA. .............AWESOME !

    Karzai was a great choice for Afghanistan ( hope he makes it ) .
    We should be hearing nothing but MASS APPLAUSE from the American and International Public.
    Appeasement and Placation CAUSE WAR - Not prevent it.

    I say ..... "A hearty Thank You for our Special Ops Boyz -
    Amen and.....Hoo Rah.

    Whoa,,,,,, I just became a Senior Member - Great -
    I was wondering why I was having so many "Senior Moments" lately...... Ha