Iraq Joins the "Axis of Evil"

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    Iraq's fate hanging on a new axis
    By Kaveh L Afrasiabi

    While the US is actively exploring alternative options to salvage its intervention in Iraq, regional realities are dictating their own dynamic, not necessarily in tune with the United States' objectives. Slowly but surely, a new realignment is shaping up that is making Washington nervous - a Tehran-Baghdad-Damascus axis.

    The possibility of such a "strategic alliance" being formed, to quote a headline in Tehran's conservative daily, Kayhan, is high, given this weekend's summit in Tehran that brings together the presidents of Iran, Iraq and Syria. (That's two out of three of the United States' "axis of evil" - Iran and Iraq, with the third being North Korea.) This comes at a volatile and uncertain time marked with the continuing bloodbath in Iraq, growing tension in Lebanon and the stalemated Arab-Israeli conflict.

    Looks like the neocon plan to break up Iraq and keep it's oil below the ground to drive prices higher is going to fail. Buahahahahhahahhah!! :D

    Let's guess what the new "enlarged axis of evil" plan to do? yep that's right.....peg Crude oil to the Euro! Look at the USD over the next few weeks.
  2. Anyone else see these trades:

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  3. Your a little late, but yes i saw them.

    In fact, i had a post to that effect some time ago, specifically about iraq being one of the new "axis" of evil members.
    (who didnt, but still).
  4. One wonders how this intrusion/invasion into Iraq could have turned out any different....Ah yes President Bush, a true thinker!
    A genius!
  5. how. not a chance with the arrogance and sadistic behavior inherent of this admn.: those are traits that would have surfaced whatever the plan.