Iraq is whispering something

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    rearden metal, are you saying that the economical data refferred to in the Observer article are wrong ? i couldn´t find anything contradicting to them on your websites.
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  2. It's not a matter of them getting their numbers wrong, but slanting everything to the left.

    Here's a paragraph from the observer article:

    <i>The US approach has been unilateralist here as everywhere else: it does what it likes as it likes, a policy that is now showing its limits. Bush needs badly to change course, which Tony Blair should be urging on him. The UN process needs to be respected and reinforced, not least to reassure the markets, and better systems of economic governance need to be put in place. The US's military capacity may allow unilateralism; its soft economic underbelly, we are discovering, does not. </i>

    This is pure subjective leftist crap, to be found in nearly every article in the Observer/Guardian. This is the talk of the weak- the Neville Chaimberlain type appeasers. You're free to believe this crap, but if too many people believe it, we won't be free for very much longer.
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