Iraq is whispering something

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  1. i'll make a few calls to my comrades. remember, its hard to flex your muscles from behind bars, but if anyone can fool em, its me.

    remember my crazy act?
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  2. 1. The Iraqi Army will not fight, they have nothing but out dated equipment, and nowhere to hide, and they have no cause to commit suicide - for SADDAM? They are not that STUPID!

    2. We will immediately take control of the Desert, don't have to wait for the bombing campaign to end. More than likely the smart Iraqi's will leave Bagdad and go where ever American Forces are and get their first square meal in years.

    3. First Night - Saddam loses most his control of his military because he will be cut off from communicating.

    4. The Iraqi Generals (the ones with half a brain) will be switching to the winning side. Republican Guard - don't make me laugh.

    5. The rank and file Iraqi citizen are sick and tired of the police state, repression, the lack of availability of goods and services, they're more than ready to get rid of SH.

    Iraq will proclaim the date of the attack as INDEPENDANCE DAY.

    Fasten your seat belts on the Market, AMERICA IS BACK, and nobody is going to be picking fights with us for a long time.

    Terrorists you can run and hide for a while, but we will find you.
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  3. If we are going to war......

    then why are all the defense stocks selling off hard??

    "riddle me this Batman"
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  4. you forgot about the sleeper cells that wake up if we attack and the blackmail attacks on third party nations.
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  5. yeah. it's hard to go broke when a small ruling class has hundreds of millions of slaves at its disposal.
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  6. gee, I wonder what that has to do with anything?

    a war for oil and votes, eh? If so many people oppose this 'unjust war,' how can it possibly accrue votes? And there's plenty of oil besides Iraqi oil. And they could sell their oil anytime they want to (above board; they already sell it under the table) but for violating UN terms, which they could comply with and restore their status at will.

    When the media does your thinking for you, it's hard to come up with an original theory.
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  7. I am not sure of the process, or if what you say is true, but if so, is it sort of like the old adage, buy the rumor and sell the news?

    The equipment is bought and paid for, the hard numbers are in, the speculation is over, time to get out.

    Heck I don't know.

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  8. rs7


    Quite true.

    Is China really an "empire"?
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  9. Good Question. If you define empire that broad then the 48 contiguous US states are an empire- like the original US 48, China slowly expanded over many years into land taken from various peoples originally present.

    As far as I know, China has no overseas holdings to compare with the soon to be US protectorate of Iraq.
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