Iraq is whispering something

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    The only problem is that the American armed forces aren't very efficient at fighting. Sure you have the best technology on the planet but everyones high on speed. Us Brits think there will be more danger from the Yanks than the Iraqi's.

    The ideal scenario is:

    1) Use American aircraft
    2) Use British ground forces

    An American General said as much 6 weeks ago.

    This will not be a Vietnam, the whole thing will crumble like a pack of cards, perhaps excluding Baghdad as Saddam and his cronies will be toast in any case so expect them to fight to the death.

    Now you cannot just bomb a city if a battle enrages else you will be guilty of war crimes under International Law. You have to go in on foot. Believe me this is messy and bloody, I've been there.

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  2. China.
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  5. Now that we all know the war will start in 3 weeks, I was correct in my asssertion of a war. We are going to blow that idiot hussein to little bits. and then take his oil, as repaymeny for 9/11.

    everyone here saw that I bet with welcher moron lube job.

    Where are the honest folks here that should be coming to my defense?

    This board is very disappointing.

    so I must leave.
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  6. Unscientic......useless.....brain dead internet polls.....and obviously not indicative of public opinion in the United States.
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    nah ... don't leave ... who's support do u need when the whole world knows it's a war for money (oil) and future votes in a year time ?

    Who's support do you need when you got that of George Bush Sr ? Haven't you heard him bragging that his "most stupid son" become US president ? Rather stay, and enjoy whichever nonsense presented to you :)
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    Are you Jewish ? "just curious"
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  9. No.
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    OK. Well I entirely agree that the poll is completely unscientific, but do you know why ? 'coz as someone I know once said, they should have used names instead of countries. Saddam, Bush and whoever is in charge in North Korea. Only then we would have seen a more scientific poll. I don't see Bush or Saddam as representing the people in Iraq or the US, both people are far better educated and smarter than both dictators.
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