Iraq is going to kill the economic recovery

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  1. get ouf of Iraq, return the oil to the iraqis and stop killing people
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  2. and stop torturing prisoners
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  3. So the 85 billion that was supposed to last Iraq through 2004 is used up and they need 25 bil dollars more, not counting the 23 billion that was spent in 2003. Is this costing alot or are we getting a good deal? Where is the government getting all this money from, is it debt or just being moved from one place to the other.

    When the US took over Iraq weren't we supposed to get cheaper oil or that their oil output would pay for the reconstruction? Or both? I don't understand why this is not happening.
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  4. Bottom line is that Iraq is a complete mess. One of the stupidest wars of this century. Complete waste of US resources. We would of been better off assasinating terrorists throughout the world in covert operations throughout the world alonside our Arab allies.

    Iraq money should of went to increase security and borders.. just in case all hell breaks loose in the next few decades. The truth is that it should of went to pay down our debt but thats never gonna happen regardless.

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    Sorta makes you wonder why this country can't provide solid healthcare and an excellent prescription plan for OUR old people, huh? Guess those good Iraqis just are more deserving than our elderly, lifelong citizens of the U.S. (Yeah, right!)
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  6. I read on MSNBC... that congress is trying to pass a bill that will spend $2.2 billion to build 2 new bridges in Alaska. The head of the National Transportation Dept. is from Alaska.. go figure.

    When are people gonna start waking up.. and realize that we dont have unlimited money. The sad thing is that all of this reckless spending will end up on the future children of America's tab.

    What a shame... we are destroying the credibility of the children's future.. not to mention teaching them the wrong habits and morals.

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    Moving this thread to chit chat.
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