Iraq government has replaced its Oil Minister with a real Con Man.

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    January 2, 2006

    SouthAmerica: The Iraq government has replaced its Oil Minister with a real Con Man – Ahmad Chalabi - He is also wanted in Jordan for major banking fraud.

    Now that a “crook” is in charge of Iraq’s main natural resources – I guess the United States has completed its work in Iraq, and the US troops can return home.

    By the way, with Ahmad Chalabi as the new Iraq's Oil Minister – this move will give a lot more credibility to the newly elected Iraqi government, and as a first move they should hire the people from “Enron” as advisors to help handle their new racket.


    ”Iraq Oil Minister Resigns Under Pressure”
    Associated Press - Monday January 2, 2006
    Iraq's Oil Minister Resigns Under Pressure Amid Criticism Over Prices; Chalabi Replaces Him

    BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Iraq's oil minister said Monday he resigned after the government last week gave him a forced vacation and replaced him with Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Chalabi following criticism about fuel price increases.

    Ibrahim Bahr al-Uloum said he quit because the government raised fuel prices by nine times on Dec. 19, a decision he had strongly criticized.

    "This decision will not serve the benefit of the government and the people. This decision brings an extra burden on the shoulders of citizens and caused an increase in the prices of all essential materials. It also caused a reaction on the Iraqi streets," al-Uloum said.

    The price increases and the mid-December closure of the country's biggest refinery led to protests in many cities around Iraq and riots in northern oil-rich Kirkuk, where police shot and killed four protesters during unrest Sunday.

    Officials at the Beiji refinery reopened it Sunday nearly two weeks after shutting it down because of insurgent threats to kill drivers of fuel trucks.

    "We started to supply the tankers with oil products after the government promised to secure them along the highways," said Ahmed Ibrahim Hamadi, the director of distribution at the refinery.

    The decision came after the Iraqi army sent more troops to guard the tanker trucks that supply the capital, including its main storage facilities in Dora, and to other Iraqi cities.

    "Well-equipped and developed Iraqi army and police forces are guarding all the tankers which are trucking oil products from Beiji refinery to Dora, to Baghdad and other provinces," said Maj. Gen. Abdul Aziz Mohamed-Jassim, director of the Defense Ministry's operations room.

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    January 2, 2006

    SouthAmerica: With Ahmad Chalabi as the new Iraq's Oil Minister that is saying to the world markets the following:

    1) Ahmad Chalabi has been selected to be the new Iraq Oil Minister, because the United States has “no clout” and “no influence” regarding the people who make up the current Iraq government.

    2) He was selected with the blessings of the United States – and now we have to question the “American Ethical Standards” – or the lack of it.

    3) With Ahmad Chalabi as the new Iraq Oil Minister – The United States is saying to the world – it is O.K. to have a Con Man and a Crook in power in Iraq; as long he is our “Crook” and our “Con Man.”

    Remember the movie Syriana? Here is the real American Syriana story.

    In A Nutshell: What can be expected of Ahmad Chalabi now that he is in charge of the Iraqi oil - Corruption, corruption and more corruption........

    Halliburton may do well in the coming years - remember the close connection between Chalabi / Cheney.

  3. It has been curruptions since Bush took over the presidency. I mean there's always curruptions in the government, but not as obvious as in the Bush administration. If you going to fool your own citizens, at least make up some better excuses.
  4. I thought that Chalabi was a fugitive in IRAQ and we wanted him arrested for providing info to Iran.
  5. maxpi


    Sooo... what would a non-corrupt oil minister do? 1) give away free oil to all in a true Marxist [why people pay any attention to a philosopher from the 1800's is beyond me] sense thereby removing the incentive to conserve 2) side up with OPEC in an attempt to have "peace in the Moslem world" [never gonna happen] ...etc.

    Some corruption is not going to be enough to affect oil prices basically, besides which, has anybody convicted the guy on these corruption charges or is he just being tried in SA's legendary [talk about a legend in his own mind] mind? Where was SA and what was he doing while Saddam was riding roughshod over his people, the neighboring states, the UN, the world oil markets, etc?

    SA, did you think the US could get the domestic support [domestic coalition] to toss out the worlds worst government without some payback?
  6. chalabi... LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO this truly is comical.... hey.. its time to start the looting of resources..gotta put a stooge in there dont they??? LMAOOOOOOOOO

    how can anyone not see the how brazen they have become !!!!
  7. Its what you call...........

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    January 3, 2006

    SouthAmerica: When the United States on its pursuit for world credibility for the puppet government that the United States has established in Iraq – it doesn’t look very good when the United States allows a man such as Ahmad Chalabi to be in charge of the cash flow of the new government in Iraq - Ahmad Chalabi the embezzler, the master of bank fraud, the crooked politician, and the world class liar – Is that the credentials that the United States were looking for regarding the person who will represent the United States interests in Iraq?

    Ahmad Chalabi’s choice to become the new oil Minister in Iraq – is a reflection of how low the standard of ethics are held by the Bush administration and its gang.

    Today, there is no real understanding in Washington of certain concepts and what they mean such as: ethics, integrity, honesty and so on. These are foreign concepts for Bush/Cheney and the rest of their gang.

    And now the choice of Ahmad Chalabi to become the new Oil Minister in Iraq – is saying to the world: Americans are full of BS most of the time – at least in South America people knows that by now - because when things really counts for Americans to get what they want they will accept anything regarding its interests around the world – the US would accept as its representative in Iraq even an embezzler, a crook, a master in bank fraud, and a world class liar

    Ahmad Chalabi as the new Oil Minister in Iraq is the ultimate proof that the United States don’t give a shit about Iraq and the Iraqi people – The United States is only interested on placing a crook, and an embezzler in the most powerful position in Iraq; to help the United States in the looting of Iraq’s oil and gas resources.

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    Libertad: Its what you call........... CONTROLLING THE OIL PLAY


    January 3, 2005

    SouthAmerica: Ahmad Chalabi’s choice to become the Oil Minister in Iraq – it is the ultimate insult to all the American soldiers who were wounded or kill (almost 2,500 soldiers) on this war in Iraq.

    Ahmad Chalabi made a fool of the United States for the entire world to see it – and now he is rewarded with the most powerful position on the Iraqi government.

    Maybe we should not be surprised by what is going on in Iraq – the Bush administration is one of the most incompetent government administrations in US history and they don’t have a clue about what is happening in Iraq, (they never did) and how bad Chalabi’s nomination looks to the rest of the world.

    If the American people go along with this kind of garbage - then they should not cry when another 9/11 happens in the United States.

    We just had a movie released for the entire world to see how crooked the American companies are and how the CIA helps them on their crooked business around the world - the movie Syriana - and now we have a real Syriana happening in Iraq.

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    July 1, 2008

    SouthAmerica: On 6/30/08 The New York Times published a front page story “U.S. advised Iraqi Ministry on Oil Deals.” And in the evening CNN News it was also covering the same subject.

    You can read The New York Times article at:

    It seems to me that it took 6 years for the American people to finally grasp that the United States did attack Iraq in March 2003 to secure an easy source of oil.

    The United States even named the new attack against Iraq in March 2003 as “Operation Iraq Looting” - (OIL).

    In December of 2002 I already had figure out even before the US attacked Iraq that the purpose of that war was to secure a new source of oil for the US oil companies.

    You did not have to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

    By the way, you can read what I wrote on the PBS forum regarding this subject – my screen name in that forum is Brazil.

    If Americans had taken the time to read my article published in December 2002 on Brazzil magazine then they would not be surprised by the article published by The New York Times on 6/30/08 on that same subject. It seems to me that I was 6 years ahead of The New York Times in reporting that story.


    PBS Forum
    Oct. 6, 2004
    Why are we in Iraq?

    Quoting from that forum - Posted on Oct 6, 2004 by Brazil:

    In December 2002 when I wrote and published the enclosed article very few people were raising the various questions that I raised in the article. I received a lot of emails from people in the US, and also from people from around the world regarding that article.

    I still can't understand why most Americans can't "grasp" some basic information regarding Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and the USA.

    …On October 2, 2002, I was stunned by Mr. James Woolsey, a former CIA director's honesty regarding his comments in the program Nightline with Ted Kopel. He said very clearly that the war with Iraq was about oil. He also said that the Russians and the French had been in Baghdad signing deals to develop Saddam's oil reserves.

    Among them are Total Fina Elf, a French company developing the oil field near the Iranian border, and Lukoil, a Russian company developing another oil field in the Iraqi desert. Mr. Woolsey also said that the French and the Russians had better vote in the Security Council with the US, because after the US defeats Saddam's army, the US will be in complete control of Iraq's oil. All Iraq oil contracts in the future will be approved in Washington. Depending on how the French and Russians act in the Security Council today-Washington will answer their calls tomorrow, after the war, when they come calling for Washington to honor their old oil contracts.

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