Iraq and weapons inspectors

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  1. Three questions:

    1. When was the last time the US military invaded a country to steal its' oil?

    a) CIA sponsored assasination attempt of Chavez in Venezuela, in order to install a puppet government answerable to the Pentagon. Objective: to undermine OPEC and control (by proxy) Venezuelan oil.
    b) US backed annexation of East Timor from Indonesia, resulting in effective control of East Timorese oil by US oil companies. Ramification: the Bali bombing, a message to Australia to cease supporting US imperialism.

    2. When was the last time Iraqi military invaded a country to steal its' oil?

    Answer: 1991, initially with US blessings. Rationale: Kuwait was siphoning off Iraqi oil supplies underground. US subsequently reassessed its position vis-a-vis Saddam and pushed for war.

    Saddam's usefulness to US interests has expired, so the USA will attack Iraq in order to take more direct control over Iraqi oil supplies. Iraq will be attacked even if Saddam fully complies with the UN resolutions to disclose the locations of his US-supplied weapons of mass destruction. The USA will find some pretext (any pretext will do) for war and will sell it to the masses via the media.

    3. Who's the bad guy?

    Answer: Saddam and the USA. Saddam is nothing more than a creation of US policymakers, who was propped up as a proxy to undermine Iran. Saddam's weapons of mass destruction were supplied by the USA and her allies. When Saddam used western-supplied poison gas against Iran, not a word of condemnation by the USA was uttered, since he was acting as a proxy for US interests. Saddam and the US policy makers are equally disgusting sides of the same coin. In the pursuit of oil control by the USA, it is the innocent Iraqi citizens who will be at the collective receiving end of US neo-imperialism (terrorism).
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  2. Rigel


    Secret CIA mumbo-jumbo huh? I see. :)
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  3. Yes, you will see if you open your eyes :)

    The CIA exists for a reason, it isn't a museum... the CIA is just one part of the jigsaw... US policy-making is a collective effort, involving many departments...
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    My eyes are wide open. Fortunately I've lost most of my desire and ability to absorb lies, thank God. Life's a good teacher if you want to learn. :)
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  5. It's precisely such people who the US media and the White House will have an easy time selling to... the tragedy is that such people constitute the masses (since, by implication, the masses or the herd are followers)...

    Life is indeed a good teacher, on that I agree...
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    Oh, I'm such a silly puppet! :p
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    that's good. then you won't be falling for dubyas blatant lies to start an imbecilic war that has every potential to massively backfire on us, while leaving terrorism and it's causes totally unchallenged:

    nor will you fall for his propaganda and spin doctoring, after all, if he cannot talk talk about some pretty irrelevant side issue like iraq, not posing a threat to anyone, least of all the usa, then dubya would have to talk about issues that really are serious, like osama and intl. terrorism, the economy, corporate scandals, unemployment, or a host of other domestic issues:¬Found=true
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    Have you ever noticed that when the world starts to focus on Iraq that a terrorist attack happens somewhere else and the Iraq issue ends up on the back burner again? I think the terrorist attacks are a diversion. Oldest trick in the book. I'm surprised it's been so effective.
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  9. ... and how many "euro pacificts" were killed before the United States finally decided to commit troops for battle?

    Then, in the name of goodness and "saving American troops" from a drawn-out conflict, we nuked a civilian populace. That is right -- the United States of America is the only country to have ever used a nuclear weapon on civilians.

    Ever see what a thermonuclear blast does to someone when they are too far to die instantly, yet too close to avoid the effects?
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  10. If there was a major terrorist attack tomorrow, I wonder how if we'd still go to war with Iraq -- would we use terrorism as an excuse to go to war instantly with Iraq despite their agreements to weapons inspections?

    When is the United States government going to wake up and realize that we could carpet bomb the entire middle east and not solve a thing.

    The problem rests with horrible foreign policy, a huge dependency on oil which needs to be reduced and a very large beaurcratic sytem that needs to be slimmed down and made more efficient.

    The FBI points to the ATF and the CIA points to the FBI. It is a three-ringed circus.
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