Iraq and weapons inspectors

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  1. Don't try to second guess Rumsfeld and Cheney based on half assed information and the opinions of news reporters and tv commentators pretending to be experts. The real experts work for the government and are sworn not to reveal classified information. We have no choice but to trust the judgement of those who actually know what the hell is going on.
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  2. Rigel


    It's all over IMO.
    Sadam will make one more demand, like "The only thing we now require is that there are at least 15 Arabs in the inspection teams". Pffft! Only one more thing. Yeah, right.
    That's it. It's done. It's all over.
    I can almost hear things switching into high gear right now.
    He's not going to fiddle f#@k things around any longer.
    The way he had the UN wrapped around his little finger reminds me of a woman having an affair with a married man. He's the man and the UN is the woman who's giving him "just a little more time" before he leaves his wife.
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  3. Josh_B


    Yep, it's a done deal. We will have Iraq either by consent or by force, the later is much more desirable...

    But again, if he complies with everything and anything we throw at him, we will need some really good spin to bomb him. But I have the outmost faith in our leaders and media to find a way.

    And of course he is a threat, he has barely enough ability to attack Israel, or other neighbors.
    Lol, our planes and the british ones, they are just getting painted by iraq's radars (do they have any left?) and we blow them up in seconds. Sure he is a great threat. Our satellites track everything and everyone over there not to mention all the rest of recons. We are looking for the slightest move to get to attack and darn it we will find something or make one up like the doctored satelite pics the pentagon produced last time, and only admitted that they were fake afterwards. But the end justify the means...

    Yes I know, talk like this will label an American who even voted for republicans in the past, as extreme democrat, or even commie or who knows what.

    Politicians, at least the vast majority of them are crooks. They have foresold the country to the special interest groups that bought them their positions. All else is media bs and lip service to have the public approve the policies, so that the rubber stamp of due process makes the actions right and official.

    His only move to save his position, is to renege the oil deals he has with russians and french, and allow limitless access to our drills. The oil fields have already been divided and distributed.

    Maybe it is the best way to avoid blood loss of many of his people and probably some of our soldiers.

    I just hope cool heads prevail.

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  4. I agree with Josh_B above, in particular the first two paragraphs...

    America wants to get its hands on Iraq's oil, and will use any pretext to do so... everyone on the UN security council bar the USA and UK has said that matters must be brought back to the UN in the event of disputes over the arms inspectors... the USA has said that it does not need to come back and this is because Georgey Boy wants a war, irrespective of whether President Hussain complies with the UN resolutions...

    If the US illegally attacks Iraq against the wishes of the world, then victims of US policy will illegally hit the US against the wishes of the world (akin to the September 11th hits)...

    The bottomline is blatantly transparent... the bottomline is US control of Iraqi oil supplies through military control of Iraqi territory, pulling the rug from beneath the feet of Russia, China and France, which have got legitimate deals with the Government of Iraq...

    The USA is simply setting herself up for more September 11th type retribution... global hatred for US policy is as high as it's ever been and next time around few global tears will be shed for the fate that befalls America... the blame for any repercussions will lie squarely at the doors of the policy makers in the White House and in the Pentagon... unfortunately, and tragically, it is the innocent US civilian who will bear the violent manifestation of global anger, and not the US policymakers...

    One can only hope for peace and global equity at this juncture... but one fears that America, that is out of synch with any semblance of equity and which is lacking in the respect of others' territorial integrity, will yet again go on the rampage in the pursuit of resource control... I repeat, the US policymakers will be fully responsible for the repercussions... there is absolutely no need to go looking overseas for for scapegoats or for people to blame...

    The civilised world will shed tears for the victims of America terror and, henceforth and in all probability, the civilised world will find considerable difficulty in shedding tears for American victims of terror...

    May God have mercy on humanity...
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  5. The United States, with the help of a fully conservative War Eagle Government, is going to cause a global meltdown.
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  6. Yes Aphie... the USA will most certainly reap what it sows... the civilised world is united against the USA and its fanatical objective to control global resources through bombing campaigns and plain murder... the US foreign policy makers and Al-Quaeda are two sides of the same dirty coin...
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  7. vvv


    as we've been through this, uh, once or twice already, suffice it to say: i absolutely agree.

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  8. Thanks vvv.... hopefully the civilised world can keep the evil doing creators of US policy on a short leash, to prevent yet more American terrorism, resulting in yet more (regrettable) revenge terrorism attacks on the USA by the victims of despicable American terrorism...
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  9. Spoken like a euro pacifist too young to remember how the USA saved their butts in WWII and then kept the Russians out of Western Europe.

    You could just say thank you for the freedoms you now enjoy.

    So funny to watch these euros who have such a short memory of history, who have yet to have a terrorist act happen in their back yard.

    Think you guys are safe? So did we.......

    P.S. How do I know you are a euro? Try spelling civilised from zee perspective of the liberators of France and Germany just 60 short years ago.
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  10. Rigel


    Three questions:

    1. When was the last time the US military invaded a country to steal its' oil?

    2. When was the last time Iraqi military invaded a country to steal its' oil?

    3. Who's the bad guy?
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