Iraq and weapons inspectors

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  1. does anyone really think if inspectors were sent in, they'd be sent to all the right places? how the hell do we know where saddam has all his stuff? he could be making his weapons all over his country in the basements of churches. why doesn't saddam hand over some weapons, say that's all he has, and still keep some of them? how would we know he doesn't have anything else? this entire inspectors situation seems ridiculous to me.
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  2. The inspectors have to be given free reign to inspect anywhere at any time. As soon as they don't do this they are in material breach of the latest UN resolution.

    When you are dealing with deadly toxins or highily radioactive waste, there are only so many places this can be stored without killing off hundreds / thousands of your own people in the surrounding area. If that many people suddenly came down with the same illness how long do you think it would take before that news reached the inspectors?

    Recall how many people were affected by the anthrax mailings. Imagine what would happen if a substance such as anthrax wasn't stored in a sealed environment or hundreds were openly exposed to it.
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  3. yeah, but in the US, the media is free to print whatever they want. NOT the case in Iraq. I'm sure there's tons of sh!t that our satellites see that never reaches the press.
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  4. how good do you guys think our spy satellites are? they're probably better than we think.

    take a look at this (reminds me of simcity):

    i wonder how much better our military can zoom in.
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    Apparently not well enough to find a 6'6" guy in a turban, riding a goat in the mountains of Afghanistan.
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  6. Blah blah blah ... and if I pull the string on the Optional777 doll, he will spew out more bullshit.
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  7. Try making an argument to support your opinions.

    You think WWIII is coming, give us some reasons why?

    Or are you just trying to keep up the 17.44 post a day habit?
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  8. I'm sure the inspectors are going to demand to see their own places. Once they get in, it is only a matter of time until they ask to see a place that Iraq doesn't want seen.

    They may even bring a UN doctor to ask to look up Saddam's ass to see if he's got some uranium packed away.

    Sooner or later, we will go to war with Iraq, the arab nations will become chaotic, oil prices will shoot up and Russia will demand the US pull out because of their fledging economy and oil concerns. Rumsfield will tell Putin to stick it up his ass and the next thing you know, we've got a full fledged conflict on our hands.

    Edit: Let's not forget about the suitcase nukes that are missing. It is only a matter of time before it all comes to a boiling point. I give it 2-5 years.

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  9. Kind of hard to do at your age, eh Opt?
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  10. Age before beauty, I always say....
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