Iran's version of teabaggers

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  1. This is what happens when gov't control over individuals
    lives gets out of hand. Beware America.
  2. I wonder why America and the media are really complaining about the Irani elections.

    I mean the people of Egypt suspect fraud in there elections for over a decade. The media doesn't report on that story though and silences the dissenters. Maybe it has to do with Egypt's presidents as a puppet of the US government. Egypt is the 2nd recipient of US aid.

    My theory is this: Iran is in the media because America does not like the winning candidate. Had he been the US' ally, then their would be no issue. It's the same as when Hamas won in a democratic election in Israel... US b!tched about that result even though it "champions" democracy.
  3. That is a silly statement, this can never happen in america, for many reasons, including the fact that the government has the right tools and is much more powerful than it's people.
  4. it's because Obama got his silly ass handed to him, that clown was thinking mousavi would win and so he could engage iran in direct talks
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    Quote from gigsup:

    This is what happens when gov't control over individuals
    lives gets out of hand.

    Is it just me or did you just contradict yourself/prove gigsup's point?
  6. Are you paying attention to what has been going on?

    Americans are angrier right now than at any point in my

  7. I think we're (some more than others) experiencing what happens when government behaves like the cop hanging out at the donut shop while theres an armed robbery going on at the
    bank down the street. Big bad government is just the magicians
    use of distraction from his antics.
  8. anger doesn't mean shit, it can be suppressed if needed
  9. really depends how you control them, america is a passive controller, they mainly observe and take action when necessary
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