Iran's Impact on the Global Price of OIL.

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    July 31, 2006

    SouthAmerica: It is obvious that Israel and the United States have underestimated Hezbollah fighting capabilities and new strategies in the Middle East.

    Hezbollah has been financed and trained by Syria and Iran.

    Now as the US/Iran nuclear crisis reaches a new level – I will not be surprised to see things get out of control and we might see Iran blocking most of the oil coming out of the Middle East.

    The same way Hezbollah is surprising the world with its new fighting strategies – Iran will surprise the world with its strategies to close out all the oil shipping lanes from that area of the world.

    What would happen to oil prices in the United States if Iran were able to shut-off oil exports from the Middle East?

    Can oil prices reach $ 150 a barrel on a short run or even $ 200?

    If Iran can shut-off oil exports from the Middle East – for how long can Iran keep the Middle East oil out of the market?

    What would be the consequences of such an oil cut-off to the US and global economy?

    I wonder if the United States is playing with fire in the middle of the Iranians oil fields. The United States might get a bigger bang for its miscalculation than anyone could expect.

    John Bolten – the US Ambassador from Hell at the UN – might very well make the United States miscalculations spin completely out of control.

    Oil prices above $ 150 per barrel and a global economy being affected by such an oil shock – that might even push the global economy over the edge.

    We certainly know by now that the foolishness of the Bush administration has no limits.

  2. The Iranian Navy has 3 Submarines and I think 20 or so large boats, how would they be able to close out the shipping lanes when they are faced head to head with the US Navy and others? The US Navy has about 290 ships and subs and about 4,000+ support aircraft, most of which I would bet are close to the middle east anyway. I just don't see this happening.
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    What would would be your simplfied solution to the middle east problem?

    Also what would have been your solution to the genocide comitted by Sadaam?

  4. I haven't been following this thread, but have you all noticed that everytime Iran rattles its saber, the cost of oil goes up? They are in the business of selling oil. I think they're just creating tension so they can sell their oil at a higher price. They have no interest in halting the sale of oil, nor do they have any interest in damaging their infrastructure...I think its just how they do business.
  5. iran's impact: $15-25
  6. Change that - math operator to + and add $20 more = Oil price = $140 = Richer Arab countries
  7. Iran doesn't need to take militaristic action to spike oil past $100. If they simply consorted with Venezuela and each country agreed to cut their exports in half, you'd see a shock.

    On their own, they could just stop exporting.
  8. Heugo chavez said: OPEC members (Arab countries) don't have power (may be he meant to say "coward" but in more polite way)for in his visit to Iran
  9. yeah why don't they? :D

    oh sure, they'll try to use that 'leverage' more than they already have, but lets see what happens if they do, what the Sauds do, and when the economic sanctions come into force in a matter of months... there's more than one way to skin the iranian cat methinks...
  10. good point - it all boils down to the fundamental question. Do they hate us more than they love the money of oil?

    The answer isn't always clear.
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