Iranian warships approaching Israel

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    I say that we and the Israelis destroy the warships of these motherf****r muzzie terrorists.

    There is no way we are gonna accept islamo scum warships around Israel, the land of God's Chosen People.

    We need to declare war upon Iran as in YESTERDAY, but I have complete confidence in the USA and Israel to start attacking the evil Iranians in the very near future.

    By the end of the year, Tehran (capital of Iran) will resemble a rubbish tip. We are gonna bomb em hard and show em no mercy. Anyone who tries to knock out our fighter planes will be incinerated. Anyone who doesn't will be too!

    This is a war of Good versus Evil. Good will prevail. Iran will be FINISHED.
  2. You should go and hide.
  3. Check yourself into the nearest psychiatric facility
  4. Who's What People?
  5. Given that the Iraq and Afganistan wars have basically bankrupted your country, perhaps it would be best for the US to sit this one out.
  6. rew


    americanhero's country is Israel, not the United States, and Israel hasn't been bankrupted by the Iraq or Afghanistan wars.

    American warships cruise by Iran all the time. I don't doubt that Israeli submarines do as well. So cry me a river about the Iranian warships.
  7. Americanhero is a funny troll, it's his 20th reincarnation under a different name, and you people who take him at face value are morons with no brain and sense of humor.
  8. You have to leave him alone . . . . just ask luke. :D .
  9. Some silly posters do not recognize the threat that the Islamo Terrorists of Iran pose.

    Iran has recently committed terror in Thailand and India, and continues to commit terror against Israel.

    Iran is developing nukes to bomb Thailand, India, Israel and others.

    We need to nuke Iran before Iran nukes the hot girls in Thailand and Israel. They don't have hot girls in India, but they do have hot curry which some find tasty.

    By nuking Iran, we defend Thai and Israeli girls and Indian curry. This is a good enough reason.

    God bless America.
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