Iranian president is an angel now

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Nana Trader, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. Personally, I would prefer this background with him in the forefront. (Just briefly, though).
  2. Attitudes like this encourages and justifies the fanatic mullahs to pursue nukes. Shame on this holier than thou attitude. :mad:
  3. OK. We'll put the wonderful Iranian president back in the angelic background he deserves. I'm the war criminal here... I'll work on my outlook of radical muslims who support murdering innocent civilians. No virgins for me in the afterlife. Do you think I could still get some MILF's instead?
  4. Tradermaji is right, Iranian government say that US had plans since long time back to break stronger nations into smaller pieces (like ex soviet union) and all the bullying from US about regime change further scare iranian regime to find a way to become more defensive if not offensive

    Afaik iranian regime always wanted to have tie with US, but seems US foreign policy need iranian regime to serve them unconditionally without giving them back what taken away, remember famous quote "give them carrot or Stick" from john macciane
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    There is just too much noise coming out of the mouth of an Iranian presidential idiot. Every day he is getting more and more pathetic. Bush scares me much more with his pandering to illegals in California. What a fuck-up president.
  6. 101% Wrong, when hard-liners enforced ways for him to become president, everyone thought they had an idiot as a president. Even i was one who thought he is a complete lunatic.

    But today it is a different story, not only he have support for iranian people behind him, but also truly admired by his Arab rivals and rest of muslim world.
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    Yeah, an Angel of Death:
  8. ja, truly an idiot that has half da world at his feet and da us in his fist...