Iranian paper launches Holocaust cartoon competition

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    "Iran’s biggest-selling newspaper has waded into the Muhammad controversy by launching a competition to find the 12 "best" cartoons about the Holocaust.

    Farid Mortazavi, graphics editor for Tehran's Hamshahri newspaper, said that the deliberately inflammatory contest would test out how committed Europeans were to the concept freedom of expression."

    Goes around, comes around, I suppose.
  2. I'll bet Europeans don't head to the nearest Middle Eastern embassy to burn it down.

    Why? Perhaps because they're a bit more civilized. Just a guess.
  3. More likely there'll be a call for genocide by nukleer bombardment.
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    That's hilarious that the Iranians think the West is such a big hypocrite that we'll freak out now that the sandal is on the other foot. Too much goat molesting damages the brain, apparently.
  5. The concepts of pluralism and tolerance are not well understood in the muslim world. Unfortunately, violence is effective. An editor who thinks his home may be bombed or he might get shot down on the street is only human for thinking twice about running an editorial or cartoon that is critical of Islam. This is the dirty underside of multiculturalism that the liberals don't want to talk about. The fact is, all cultures are not equal nor are they all deserving of respect.

    Too bad our own State Department is so busy sucking up to muslims that they ignore this.
  6. Yes! And infact, sadly, the US State Dept. has been run by Saudi Arabia for some time. Good book on the subject - "Secrets of the Kingdom" By Gearld Posner
  7. Is this some kind of joke??!!
  8. We could have a Joke-Off, just like in that movie Zoolander!

    Send in Sarah Silverman!
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    Too many diplomats in the State Department. Those guys make politicians looks like they have spines.
  10. This childish Iranian response highlights a fact: Jews use both their media control and their judiciary control as weapons. Both recent media coverage and recent judgements show clear bias toward Jewish interests: recently an English author was sanctioned by English court for disavowing the Holocaust, while media Jews often disavow similar African American or Indian claims; recently media Jews have sued German software makers for using Jews in video games, while Jews see no problem in using Indians as pro sports team mascots.

    Jewish institutional control is necessarily inconsistent with liberal democracy: Jews will necessarily use their control to exploit others and to deny others' rights.

    Another issue: Iranian nukes threaten no more than Israeli nukes. To those who doubt, consider this: should Saddam have hit Tel Aviv with chemical missiles, would the world have really been safe if Israel had responded with nukes? Do real Americans really want to have our safety dependent on decisions made by Israeli fanatics? I think not.
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