Iranian Militay is no joke!

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    If we go to War with Iran , it will be one Hell of a War!

    have you seen there Military? (it don't look outdated to me)

    they got F-15's


    there Tanks are just like our M1


    Iranian Soldier


    Read This:

    The Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Persian: äíÑæåÇی ãÓáÍ ÌãåæÑی ÇÓáÇãی ÇíÑÇä) include the IRIA (Persian: ÇÑÊÔ ÌãåæÑی ÇÓáÇãی ÇیÑÇä) , the IRGC (Persian: ӁÇå ÇÓÏÇÑÇä ÇäÞáÇÈ ÇÓáÇãی), and the Police Force[1] (Persian: äíÑæی ÇäÊÙÇãی ÌãåæÑی ÇÓáÇãی ÇیÑÇä).

    These forces total about 545,000 active personnel.[2] All branches of armed forces fall under the command of General Headquarters of Armed Forces (ÓÊÇÏ ˜á äیÑæåÇی ãÓáÍ). The Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics is responsible for planning logistics and funding of the armed forces and is not involved in in-the-field military operational command.

    The Islamic Republic of Iran Army consists of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army, Islamic Republic of Iran Navy, Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force. The regular armed forces have an estimated 420,000 personnel: the Islamic Republic of Iran Army, 350,000 personnel; the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy, 18,000 personnel; and the Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force, 52,000 airmen.[3]
    The Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution, or Revolutionary Guards, has an estimated 125,000 personnel in five branches: Its own Navy, Air Force, and Ground Forces; and the Quds Force (Special Forces).[4]
    The Basij is a paramilitary volunteer force controlled by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards. Its membership is a matter of controversy. Iranian sources claim a membership of 12.6 million, including women, of which perhaps 3 million are combat capable. There are a claimed 2,500 battalions of which some are full-time personnel.[5] quotes a 2005 study by the Center for Strategic and International Studies estimating 90,000 active-duty full-time uniformed members, 300,000 reservists, and a total of 1 million men that can be mobilized if need be. [6]
    Iran's military was called the Middle East's most powerful by
    General John Abizaid chief of United States Central Command (U.S. forces' commander in the region).
  2. the problem with iran is not their military, if US were to engage, it would wipe out the iranian military like it did with iraq in mere weeks.

    The real consequence is the massive amount of underground networks and support iran has. And it's truely scary.

    Think of it this way, US is the muscle jock in high school, iraq is the loner kid noone really likes. If you beat up the loner, everyone shrugs off a bit. Iran is like that kid whose big brother is in the gang. The muscle jock can surely beat him senseless too, but it's what happens afterwards, you will get a whole flock of gangbangers coming after you in the dark. Sure you can fight them 1vs1, but they will never attack face on but instead do a driveby, or beat up your sister...

    That's why iran is so dangerous and difficult to deal with. If a full out war breaks out between US+israel and iran, i would be pretty terrified, not because US may lose or iran may have nukes. But because what will happen in the next 10 years, afterwards.
  3. The US airforce is the largest in the world, who is second in air power?
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    the aircraft you show in the first photo is not an F-15 it is a F-14. The F-14 is obsolete and the U.S. retired it more than 5 yrs ago. The F-15 was never sold to Iran. The last I heard the F-14's in Iran's air force were being held together with baling wire and glue due to lack of spare parts
  5. Israel
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    the problem with iran is not their military, if US were to engage, it would wipe out the iranian military like it did with iraq in mere weeks.

    IRAN is no IRAQ, this war will be alot longer then mere weeks

    and the body count will be Way more then being in IRAQ

    And yes, I'm scared
  7. Why are you guys talking about war with Iran... That is the problem. Don't you see that AMERICA IS THE AGGRESOR.

    I'm sorry, but we are currently invading Iran's neighbor (though Iran never liked Iraq as witnessed by their wars in the 1980s). All that Iran is trying to do it's protect itslef. Why the hell did we go into Iraq? The Iranian gov't is just preparing for a possible attack by the currently trigger happy neo-conservative/imperialist American government administration.

    Don't trust the media titans and their bullshit stories about how evil Iran is. Most of the media executives are Jewish, and they obviously hate Iran because it is a rival of Israel. I hope us Americans are not manipulated into another unneccessary war, however. Ask any Arab why 9/11 happened, and they will say because of the existence of Israel. We should stop backing them. It's just causing problems. In terms of Iran too, the entire nucler program is also bs. All you hear is that they are building weapons. You don't hear the other side of the story though, where there have been inspectors (IAEA) conducting research 7 times in the past year and they found nothing. The media moguls want war.... war is business. Don't buy into their bullshit.

    Seriously everyone. America is the bad guy. We're supposed to be in the middle-east searching for terrorists. But that is not what we are doing. We are playing the role of nation-builder. The people of the region have a right to hate our government and it's foreign policy. Our boats are so close to their coast. How would you feel if Chinese military ships were outside Long Island? Furthermore, how would you feel if China invaded Mexico to take their oil? Iran is just protecting itself. Another thing, I'm sure most of you heard about the missile testing that Iran had last Thursday. How many of you heard that Israel practiced war game strategies a week earlier too though? Iran did the missile testing in response to Israel's tests. You probably only heard about Iran though.

    Iran is protecting itself. The media is painting them as some evil country full of crazy people. You might be surprised that the current president is actually disliked by Iranians and assumed to lose the next election. Have diplomacy and not war.

    For a final note...since the nuclear weapons arguement is always portrayed in the media, think about this: America has tens of thousands of nukes as does Russia. China has nukes. India has nukes. Israel has 300 nukes. Even Pakistan, a completely unstable military-dictatorship country has nukes. I actually think Iran should have nukes too. I'm not saying there creating weapons, but it would be good for them to have it. Nuclear weapons are defensive weapons in theory. America wouldn't f!ck with them if they had them.

    Leave Iran alone... No war. Don't vote for "surge supporter" McCain. We're better off with a socialist Democrat than a economically-challenged, war-mongering McCain.
  8. "Ask any Arab why 9/11 happened, and they will say because of the existence of Israel."

    Along with the 11 - 14% of American who believe it was an inside job, I say lets gather them all together and discuss methane.
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    The way I see this being played out is Israel will bomb
    the nuke site first then Iran will invade Israel then the
    great USA will back up Israel

    So Israel will be the ones to get us in more deep shit!

    Why are we willing to drop our sons and daughters
    blood in the name of Israel?

    I will not let my son die for Israel will you?

    you know the U.S will need to start the draft
    our Military is too weak at the moment to fight

  10. To the original poster:
    You're out of your mind.
    The Iranian Military is quite a joke.

    If there's a battle between the US and Iran, it will be a repeat of OIF 2003.

    Iran doesn't have any F-15s, you silly goose. Iran has some ancient F-14s, maybe ten of them, that are barely running as it is. And that's thirty year old technology. We could blow their entire air fleet out of the sky with just seven F-22s (and no losses.)
    They have outdated Soviet era tank platforms that they've put some homebrew body-kits on to make them look modern and menacing, but have absolutely zero combat practicality. Probably even less functional than when they were T-55s!
    Their soldiers are a bunch of ignoramuses (ignorami?) who know nothing about anything and their commanders know even less.

    They pose absolutely no threat in terms of conventional warfare. The only threat Iran can pose is to neighboring Gulf Arab states, and that gap is even being bridged with their Western arms purchasing spree being paid for by high oil prices.

    Please don't try to spread FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt) about Iran's military capabilities. As far as we're concerned, they're right next to ZERO. Anything you'll hear that is otherwise is just nonsense spouted by people with an agenda.
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