Iranian kidneys for sale

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  1. so what?? it's my kidney, I should be the one who decides what to do with it, oh wait but no I'm an american, the government owns me and everything I have, so they should tell me what I can or can not do

    seriously you people need to grow up and stop wanting the government to tell you and others how you should live your lives

    also americans really need to stop this shit attitude of acting like they feel sorry for the rest of the world and trying to push their crappy way of life onto the rest the world in the name of justice, liberty and bla bla bla (oh no, look what they did to that poor women, oh god, let's go kill them all and rape their women and children)

    the people of the world have had it with america's retarded and repeated stories of how they want to save the world and bring democracy to the rest of the world, really, shut the fuck up already, first fix your own fucking problems, you have more than you can handle anyways

    "You see the sliver in your friend's eye, but you don't see the timber in your own eye." -Jesus
  2. Are you saying that you favor organ sale by individuals like in EBAY?

    You must be crazy. What makes this different than prostitution?
  3. Hi misterno,

    Before watching the video, I would've agreed with you. After watching it, I cannot help but feel extremely sad for everyone, donor and recipient.

    What makes this one different from prostitution is the fact that this one saves lives.

    Questions that we all need to ask ourselves, had you watched your family in despair, would you sell your kidney? On the other hand, had you watched your loved one dying from kidney failure, would you have bought the kidney?


  4. Well, for one thing, in the case of kidneys you can only do it twice (or once if you still want to live).

    For people looking to purchase a kidney for themselves, this is an asinine way to go about it. Not every kidney matches the person looking for one. There is a scale, if I remember correctly, 1-7. If it's a 7, it's a perfect match. The lower the number, the higher the chance of rejection - even with anti-rejection drugs.

    So buying one on Ebay without knowing anything about it is absolutely insane.