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  1. do the yankees got the balls to nuke iran?
    what say ya?
  2. LT701


    no, but we might have the stupidity to

    i'm sorry you were ever born
  3. bluud


    are you stupid or are you fars (persian iranian)

    i mean it's the same in both case anyways ... fars is just a more nasty way to say you are fucking retarded

    I am sorry you fuckin persians were ever born and I fuck the God who ever created you shitheads ... and I fuck his soul for your existence on this earth ... and the fars will shove the greatest dildo up God's ass for creating fucks like them ... fuck God and his shit plan .... fuck God with the ugly faces he has molded ... fuck God for what he ever was and is ...
  4. Na ... America is a pussy ... :D
  5. TGregg


    Bingo. Iran could be flying bombing runs over Iraq and Afghanistan, and BushCo wouldn't do squat about it. They don't have hardly any planes, and the few they have would be shot down over those countries, but nothing else would happen.

    I bet even if that happened, our fighter pilots would have to get extra super clearance to shoot em down.

    The guy that runs Iran, him and his buds spend a lot of time figuring out what the US will do. Sometimes the experts get it wrong like when Hussein invaded Kuwait, but usually they get it right. Does anybody think Iran would be building nukes, shipping arms to Afghanistan and Iraq,and holding British sailors hostage if the US was ready, willing and able to bomb the snot out of them?

    Of course not.
  6. LT701


    thank you for your vile response - it pretty much sums up where you're coming from

    no, i'm not a persian, i'm just an 5th generation white american who understands that nuclear wars are not to be entered in casually - that it's dumb to jeopardize evertything we have over matters far away that arent our main concern

    that's why i support ron paul