Iran wants oil above $70 a barrel

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by eagle488, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. S2007S


    if the east coast was enjoying highs in the mid 30's right now you would easily see 65+ a barrel. Im still going with 68 by Jan.
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  2. bluud


    and right when you think oil prices are on a downtrend, they will take a sharp turn up

    iran loves to state that if the UN sanctiones them, that the world specially Israel and US will be sorry

    and loves it when it comes out in the news that iran will be sanctioned

    cause the oil prices rise cause the market thinks

    "IF iran is sanctioned THEN iran will start a war so the oil prices will rise"

    what a dumb market!!!

    and what a cheap country, let's nuke them till they glow
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  3. Yes, we should always watch movies to learn about international affairs. Hollywood wouldn't lie.

    It's a shame The X-Files isn't on the air anymore. Did you know there's a gigantic alien spaceship buried in Greenland?!?!?!
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  4. romik


    DeepThroat, you are comparing a 'finger to an ass'.
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  5. It's obvious which one you are.
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