Iran vs. USA: First round

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    Here we go, fresh from the news:

    VIENNA (Reuters) - The United States warned Iran on Wednesday to expect consequences from the United Nations if it failed to halt nuclear research but Iran said it was capable of inflicting "harm and pain" and could change its oil policy.

    The U.N. Security Council is likely to call on Iran, the world's fourth biggest oil exporter, to stop atomic research or risk "consequences", Washington said in a statement to a nuclear watchdog agency meeting, referring to possible sanctions.

    The statement, obtained by Reuters from a Western diplomat, said "the time has now come for the Council to act" as Iran had defied an International Atomic Energy Agency board resolution last month to suspend all nuclear fuel enrichment activity.

    But Iran said the United States could also suffer if the Security Council took up the issue of Tehran's nuclear research. The Islamic Republic vowed to pursue the programme come what may.

    "The United States may have the power to cause harm and pain but it is also susceptible to harm and pain," it said in a statement obtained by Reuters on the sidelines of the IAEA board meeting in Vienna. "So if the United States wishes to choose that path, let the ball roll."


    I guess that is their way of saying:"Bring it on!"
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    The problem is they have no fear of the US. What's the most that can happen? The US sends a bunch of troops in their to rebuild their country and give food and aid while they pick off a few US troops per day. They know Bush is compassionate and they do not fear him. We need another Reagan to bring respect and peace again.
  3. why should they fear the US, these guys have oil, the most valuable bargaining good in the world.

    Military intervention is not an option for the US.

    There is no quick solution
  4. Condoliza rize is a stupid lady, pressing iran will make US fail in Iraq as well.

    Push has 3 years left, and attacks and sanctions won't be worse than "the isolation" of iran during 8 years war with iraq with all west and arabs behind it.

    Iranian don't bow down to anyone. They would rather all die with honor than be anyone puppet
  5. No question that Iran-Contra Hearings during the Reagan Administration brought peace and respect....


  6. It's time to turn Iran into a parking lot. They want nukes? We should give 'em what they want.
  7. Having heard the saber rattlers here, I have to note that the markets don't seem to be reacting very much to that piece of information.

    Since Iran earns its income from selling oil I doubt they will stop. They might create exclusive agreements with China or Japan to supply them as a means of crimping supply -- but that is a chimera of course as it also takes demand out of the global market.

    More interesting is their intent to sell in Euros but I don't think that will do much either without other substantial suppliers joining in.

    It's a conundrum as to what -- realistically -- to do. We don't have the troops to invade. Using nukes is not a real option. And apparently, we can't get at their core facilities with bombs.

    My bet is lots of jawboning as the US continues to look impotent. Notice the much more real threat of NK -- and their accidental missle launch -- didn't really move the markets either.
  8. What will sanction do? I mean China/India are still going to buy oil from Iran right...
  9. World and media is globelized now, such action will totally shatter US reputation for seeking all peace and democracy bullshits
  10. Iran GDP is at least $550 Billion, and it's earning from oil is just $50-60 billion a year, that account for 10% only.

    Iran isn't dependant on oil anymore, but can drive price up sharply when it wants
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