Iran Vs. Israel

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  1. Let's take a look at real facts comparing the above adversaries, in something that is hard to make propaganda about: the medals in the Olympics! Iran and Israel fielded what seems to be 54 and 38 athletes.

    The medals so far: google says 8 for Iran, and zero to Israel, with a medal rate per athlete of 15% for Iran, and 0% for Israel.
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  3. I suppose Israel figures...why train hard for 4 years to get a gold medal (that only has 6 grams of gold in it) when you can focus on making real gold. :)

    Iran got medals in wrestling and weightlifting because so many of the men there spend all day rolling around the sand with each other.
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    Lets have a better comparison.

    In the 1940s it took a Jewish guy about 3 years to develop a nuclear bomb that would be actually be on target against a hostile nation.

    In the present time, the Iranians with significantly better technology than Oppenheimer had still haven't been able to make one single bomb for test use. They have been screwing around with it for YEARS and they still can't match 1940s technology. They ought to be embarrassed.
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    Here are some more facts.
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    Tsing Tao

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  8. The medal numbers related to this thread need an update.

    The medals so far: google says 10 for Iran, and zero to Israel, with a medal rate per athlete of ~ 18% for Iran, and 0% for Israel.

    It must be tough days for Israel and zionism as the world is watching the results of the Olympics.
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    Wake me up when the "two guys, loincloth and sandals division, bastard sword competition" event comes on.
  10. Maybe athletic performance is inversely proportional to intelligence. Maybe the brain can only do so much. Some people are body-smart while others are intellect-smart. And then there's me that is both.:D

    Maybe Jews look at sports as a ridiculous, prideful, animal, tribal competition.
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