Iran Versus Everyone

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  1. Iran Versus Everyone
    The Islamic Republic's belligerence threatens more than Israel.
    FEBRUARY 17, 2012

    Sophisticated commentary about the Islamic Republic of Iran can be a thing to behold: Whenever the mullahs resort openly to terrorism, it's taken by some in the West as a good sign that they're finally serious about negotiations.

    So it has been this week, as Iranian agents sought to carry out terrorist attacks against Israeli diplomats in India, Georgia and Thailand. The attempt in Tbilisi was foiled without injury, but the bombing in New Delhi critically injured the wife of one Israeli official and hurt three others. In Bangkok, four Thais were injured when a cache of explosives detonated in an Iranian safe house.

    Tehran officially denies involvement. But three Iranian nationals are now under arrest in Thailand, another is on the lam, and a fourth is being extradited to Thailand from Malaysia. If these are the marks of a country that is "ready to talk"—as former Obama Administration diplomat Dennis Ross argued in a New York Times op-ed this week—we'd be interested to know what Iranian actions would qualify as evidence of belligerence. An attempt to bomb Washington, D.C.? Oh, wait: They tried that, too.

    The larger story is that Iran is coming close to openly making war on the country it wants to wipe off the map. That's an escalation from the more veiled (and often more deadly) warfare the Islamic Republic has waged against Israeli and Jewish targets for decades. It's also an indication that the mullahs, far from seeking to de-escalate tensions with the West, are scrapping for a fight. They might get one.

    It is in nobody's interest, least of all America's, to see a regional war erupt in the Middle East. It is even less in America's interests to back our allies in Jerusalem into a corner where they feel they have no choice other than to fight, as they did in 1967. An Iran that seeks to murder diplomats across the globe is a threat to global security. The U.S. has an even larger interest than Israel in stopping it.
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    There are some very tough decisions that are going to have to be made about Iran in 2012. It seems an oil blockade might be a preferable next step instead of a bombing campaign but it better start soon before it's too late.
  3. We need to figure out a way out of this BS. It is not in our best interest in any way, unless one of you can show how it could be. This is a lose, lose for the USA.
  4. America stuck her nose in this business in 1953, and those frothing at the mouth to get involved again need to take a fuckin chill pill...

    Go to the Congress, and see if our national security is threatened, and make a vote to declare war.

    Otherwise, let us know when you parachute in to Tehran, 666 - I'll send you a care package...
  5. “However,” Burgess said, “The agency assesses Iran is unlikely to initiate or intentionally provoke a conflict.”
    that means: Hey white house guys! dont hurry! Prepare the terroristic attack carefully!
  6. Afraid to do your part, cowardly islamofascist bootlicker? I've already done more than my "fair share" but am happy to go yet again if needed, unlike you and your pussy pacifist ilk who hope sticking your heads in the sand will work.
  7. It's not BS and there is no way out other than dealing with it because radical Islam is about a lot more than annihilating Israel and it won't go away if we pretend it's not a threat.
  8. Were you in Iraq or Afghanistan?
    Did you offer yourself up to the preplanned wars based on lies, and the nation building?
    You wouldn't go anywhere - you would be proud to send other peoples kids off to their death when our security isn't threatened. Because that's what people who have no care for our servicemen and women, or the rule of law, do.
    I'm sure a UN vote would be enough for you - anything to avoid following the Constitution. Because that's what Neocon pissyerpants pussies like you always root for.
  9. Iran is a blot on humanity. We need to erase the threat of Iran, for the good of the USA and Israel.

    Once we have brought Iran down and they seek our mercy, things will be better.
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