Iran - Unstoppable?

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  1. Iran has no friends outside the Islam world.

    Even the most cynical Europeans..
    Believe that Ahmadinejad and friends are "completely nuts".

    The die has been cast.

    Repeatedly and directly threatening genocide with nukes leaves no room for "talks".
    It doesn't matter what the people who read the "New Yorker" think (I'm one of them).

    The US Armed Forces have unlimited options and variations...
    In terms of taking out Iran's nuclear infractructure.
    US Special Forces are already operating within Iran.
    The talk about how this or that is "impossible" is hysterical pacifist bullsh*t.

    Actually, the only real problem is alienating the young people of Iran...
    Who love American culture and hate the mullahs and Islamic death cult psychos.

    There is ZERO chance that Bush will not intervene militarily... at a time of his choosing.


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  2. My silly fellow ET`rs. Dont you know that the last three years worth of conflict have included an unofficial war with think otherwise is naive.

    I reminds me of when I was in the USMC in the 90`s. The boys were sent off to "train" in Italy but somehow wound up in Yugoslavia(Serbia).
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    Love the way the public has been brainwashed by the term 'Special Forces'.

    Got a problem, don't worry we've got 'special forces'.

    What a joke, still Hollywood likes them because they can sell movies.........
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    How silly of me to think war included things like bombing, shooting, and such.
  5. This must be the redneck thread. :D
  6. Nothing matters in a nuclear war....The country who fires first wins!


  7. Yes, thats what is happening in Iraq. With lots of help from Iran.

  8. lol....
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