Iran unstable. Iranaian President Ahmadinejad arrested and threatened.

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  1. the government needs to change,
    the Islamic-imposed-culture there needs to change.
    we must be allowed to wear short pants in public
    we must be allowed to believe what we want to believe
    we must be allowed to talk to girls in the street without being whipped and arrested.

    i do not support the status quo.
    this is coming from a Persian, raised in the US.
  2. "we must be allowed"? goddamn you crack me up kid, you can't do anything unless they allow you to? No wonder you moslems are such backward assholes.
  3. I want to be a good moslem, but I also want to wear short pants in public, why? I don't know, I think the USA should make it illegal for any man to wear short pants in public
  4. they should also let moslem men have pet dogs

    and they would if they weren't so scared that the men would fuck them

    after all, a dog is a man's best friend

    Mohamed really had a thing about dogs

    if you are moslem, you also can't fuck a pig

    Mohamed had a thing about them also
  5. I mean, they don't allow me to talk to women at night, what the hell else am I going to fuck?
  6. but I agree, the ayatollah should "allow" more young men to do more things

    a lot of them really want to wear short pants in public
  7. I don't know who you think you are trying to fool

    you declaring yourself to be a moslem is about like me declaring myself to be a born again christian
  8. We both have one common enemy, and that is the Jews
  9. Eight


    I'd bet on the Jews, they seem to be winning. All their enemies are now living in pretty muchly failed states..
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