Iran Threatens To Take Action If US Carrier Returns

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    Looks like the war may be back on.

    Iran says if the USS John C. Stennis aircraft carrier returns to the Persian Gulf they will take action. I doubt the U.S. will heed their threat in international waters. I'm sure we'll call their bluff soon.

    Of course, Iran didn't say what action. Maybe that means they'll slam their fist down on their desk.
  2. achilles28


    It'll be a short war. I doubt the USN would need more than 4 hours to sink the entire Iranian Navy. Scared, yet?
  3. rew


    This is a direct consequence of our latest sanctions against Iran, designed to cripple their financial system.

    So we already started the war. The only question is whether it's going to be a two way war.
  4. Don't be so sure...

    I did an analysis of this conflict scenario… Any USN personnel here…? I’ve never been in any of the services… So I’m just doing this from an armchair perspective. Anyway, the way I see it the ships themselves don’t matter much, it’s what’s on them that counts. So as things stand, this battle will be won after an exchange of missile fire. The Iranian navy has plenty of capable anti-ship and surface to air missiles…

    Here is the thing… The Iranians have a significant advantage over the US 5th Fleet at the “Strait of Hormuz”. It is only about 34 miles wide at its narrowest meaning that large numbers of land based missiles can be brought to bear against the US fleet.

    The most worrisome of these anti-ship missiles are the new Qader missiles reported to be radar evading and with a range of about 200 km… This missile may be able to penetrate Aegis. Iran will probably be able to keep the US fleet out of missile range. So the US 5th fleet will have to stay at a distance of about 200 km.

    This leaves the US with basically two options… Tomahawk strikes and airplane strikes on the land missile batteries after which the US surface fleet will be able to knock out the Iranian navy.

    The problem is that the Iranians posses plenty of surface to air (SA) missiles that are capable of shooting down Tomahawks. Like the MIM Hawk 23 and the Tor… Iran also has about 200 S-200 SA missiles and is reported to have about 4 S-300. Also, Iran has quite a few Iranian made missiles of various capabilities… If Iran does have the S-300 it may very well be able to see stealth bombers and stealth fighters. The incident with the RQ-170 unmanned aerial stealth drone is worrisome.

    Finding the land based anti-ship missiles is also very difficult and I don’t think that sending in SEALs will help as the Iranians will be on the lookout for that with their own special forces. It is also hard to tell if littoral action can be taken by US submarines considering the capabilities of the Kilo class, the other Iranian made subs and the Iranian surface navy on patrol.

    From an offensive point of view the Iranians can’t do much… Their only hope is to probably sneak a Kilo class sub close to the aircraft carrier and to fire some torpedoes but I don’t see that happening. There isn’t much that they can do offensively but they can definitely mine and close the Strait of Hormuz and hold for some time. In fact, I don’t think that the US 5th Fleet can open it again if the Iranians close it.
  5. Let 'em close the fucking straight. Shove ME oil up their collective asses and have America do what it should have done long ago... make to conversion to use natural gas as a transportation fuel.... and have the price of oil drop to $10/bbl again.

    UP YOURS, OPEC! (And UP YOURS ODUMBO.. for your "energy non-policies"... and Yeah, for your excessive/extravagant vacations on taxpayers' dime.)

    :mad: :mad:
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    That seems to be true. The Iranian currency took a nose dive over the weekend.
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    Now where have I heard that before?
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    For understanding this type of situation I have found Chomsky to make the most sense, and do it succinctly.

    I recommend you start at "It's Not Radical Islam That Worries...", and work your way up.
  9. Thing is the Iranians have been pushed to this because of too much squeezing... I think the current administration is completely braindead. They have next to no notion of how diplomacy works. Bush was bad but Obama looks retarded compared to him.
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    President "In Drones We Trust" Obama will handle it all just fine - he is such a great president - and those direct oil deals between china and iran are of no concern - china will look the other way, I promise. ;-)
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