Iran: the time has come

Discussion in 'Politics' started by americanhero, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Apart from being the chief global sponsor of Islamic Terrorism and developing nukes to spread fear, Iran also persecutes religious minorities and women.

    On this basis we need to make it clear to Iran that if they persist with their evil, we may need to resort to the nuclear solution in order to rid the world of the threat from Iran.

    Yes, there will be major collateral damage if we nuke all of the Iranian cities, but the world will be safer for it. We must not take the decision lightly, but such a decision may prove necessary. We must be careful not to nuke parts of Iran near oil reserves, since those reserves should rightly become ours once we have defeated Iran -- to the victor goes the spoils. 50% of the oil should go to us, 25% to Israel, and the remaining 25% shared amongst other allies such as Europe. Russia and China should get NONE of the oil, since they don't need it. The Chinese should go back to push bikes if they are low on oil and the Russians can use donkeys for transport like they used to anyway.

    A post-nuked Iran should be supported to get back to an agricultural economy, so that the Iranian people can get back on their feet and are well fed. We should give 2% of our Iranian oil profits back to the Iranians in the form of seeds and crop fertilizer. The other 98% should go to us, in the form of lower taxes.

    God bless America and Israel, brothers united against Iranian terror.