Iran strengthens ties with South America

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  1. I disagree with Bush, I disagree with parts of Israel's political agenda and some of its policies. You, TT2 and a few others hate America, hate Israel, hate the West. See the difference? Nice try though trying to equate your blind hatred of anything western and knee-jerk support of the worst most repressive regimes and dictators (as long as they are anti-american, anti-israel, anti-western) with policy disagreements. If you ever make one single pro-American, pro-Israel or pro-Western post, if you ever make one post criticizing Ahmadenejad or Hamas, Chavez or Al-Qaeda maybe then you'll be more believable. So far you have not. So far you're universally despised by the right, the left and the middle on this forum.
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  2. U are delusional, perhaps this is why you irrationally continue unabated with fallacious statements based in the fallacy of a false dilemma, all or nothing statements, and appeals to what some ET members think as a criteria of determination of a logical truth.

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