Iran Starting 10 more Nuclear Sites

Discussion in 'Politics' started by niceneasy, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. US has shot its wad yet keeps offering olive branches...
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    Iran's nuclear capability would deter US from attacking Iran for oil. It is in the best interest of peace that Iran get their nukes.
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    ...or Iran nukes Israeli who then retaliates the world chooses sides and we all die in a nuclear holocaust.
  5. That would be in the best interest of Tresor because he thinks his life has been a worthless failure so why bother continue living a life of misery?

    One thing for sure all the Arab / Muslim countries (including Pakistan) will be nuked before Israel goes down. Goodbye Bin Laden, Zawahiri, and the rest of Al Queda!
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    Iran did not attack any other country for the lat 300 years, while Israel attacked neighbouring countries many times during its 60 year history.

    I would rather bet on Israel to start this time, not Iran.
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    You must have been dropped on the head during your birth.
  8. My friend, Nazi Boy Tresor the Obfuscator, with proponents like you your side doesn't need any enemies.

    You know I really love you Tresor baby so don't get upset. That is why I consider you an honorable untermensch -- something really special!
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    As promised, any your calling me a nazi will result in posting this movie about your fellow Jews having sided with Nazis during WWII.

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    Rest assured your love is not reciprocated, you sick Nazi.
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