Iran - So, What's Gonna Happen Now?

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  1. Defiant Iran

    <img src=>
    Natanz nuclear facility in Iran

    What's gonna happen now?

    Sanctions? Bombings? War? Choking the Strait of Hormuz?


  2. I predict the Z clown will come here and defend Irans right to develop nukes to defend itself from the evil USA.
  3. I think Z defends rights.

    Not necessarily those you purport.

    Meanwhile, let me get this straight again...?

    USA has the right to develop nukes but not Iran.

    Can someone remind me why that is, again?

  4. USA has the right to develop nukes but not Iran.
    Actually you got that right

    Can someone remind me why that is, again?
    that's called the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) that Iran signed.
  5. Ahh... DddoDddong shows up again... to enlighten us.

    Well, DddoDddong, maybe you can tell the class if the NPT had any special clause in it preventing Iran from having nuclear power for energy.

    And, if so, why did Iran sign it, knowing they're dependent on nuclear energy development?

  6. Why don't you ask Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei who is the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and who together with his agency clearly believes that Iran is in violation of the treaty.

    At any rate in your previous post you wanted to know why "USA has the right to develop nukes but not Iran" and that was the question (quite an ignorant one frankly) I was answering. Don't thank me, I am here to help.
  7. I see. ... I see.

    Why don't you try "helping" by..... nah, that'll get this thread closed....

    Tell us, then, why YOU believe Iran is in violation of the treaty.

    And, I agree. That was a pretty ignorant question.

    Ask me if I give a flying ****.

    The DrawDown
  8. I already have, ElBaradei and the IAEA think so. Good enough for me.
  9. bsmeter


    So umm, DODO bird. Suppose Iran UN-signs from the NPT! according to you they then will be allowed to make nukes?

    How come Israel has nukes and has'nt signed the NPT?

    That makes Israel a bigger threat than Iran.
  10. Yes they will be allowed to make nukes. Keep in mind that the west will also be allowed to boycott Iran, ban iranian goods and services, stop buying iranian oil, stop providing Iran with latest technology, expel Iranian students from western colleges and universities, deny visas to iranian diplomats and businessmen... All these actions are also legal.
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