Iran Shines It On

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  1. This makes me laugh.

    The big day (Tuesday) comes and Iran simply disregards the entire response!

    Ignoring the USA's whole demand for them to suspend uranium enrichment and reply by today.

    Instead, Iran says they'll "talk" (serious negotiations) about it if the USA wants to.

    This makes the USA out to be complete monkeys' uncles.


  2. How would you handle it?

    Ultimately, we'll have to make a decision. Either we surrender and let them develop nukes or we attack them. They'll never agree to give them up or, if they do, they'll mimic the North Koreans and continue to develop them secretly. They know if they can draw things out until after the elections, there's a good chance the democrats take over at least one house of congress and the democrats will do everything possible to thwart anything the administration wants to do.

    But you're correct. Our current posture makes us look silly.
  3. We are back to a pre-WWI, pre-WWII environment where appeasniks just continue to embolden the fascist enemy. This will continue until it gets bad enough to convince even the appeasniks that it must be resolved At All Costs.

    Now, just imagine how bad that will have to be. Scary .... and the process of reaching that stage could stretch for years yet.

    Time to update those bomb drill videos for our public schools. Anyone have some tickers for bomb shelter plays??
  4. I doesn't really hurt our position at all. We can now frame them as a renegade nation and set the date for "talks" at our discretion. Iran can't protect hard targets with drive by bombings and civilian causalities, we can take them out at any time. Look for the Israelis to take action in the coming few days with unlimited US Logistic and Tech support. Iran once again miscalculated.
  5. Didn't we attack Iraq because they had WMDs? :D

    Chicken hawks trying to flap their stubby wings again...
  6. Arnie


    Iran doesn't really need to worry about the US or the UN. But they better worry about Israel. :D
  7. I am not sure I agree as we're barely involved in the process. The Europeans have been negotiating with them for a few years now, they were supposed to show us that negotiations (aka appeasement) actually work, the all-mighty UN was supposed to demonstrate the power of diplomacy and teach us a lesson on how to get the job done without bombs and fighter planes. Iran is laughing in their faces, not ours.
  8. Yes, but ultimately we and/or the Israelis will have to deal with the situation. And our stated policy is to work within the UN process, which Iran has already demonstrated it can manipulate at will.

    We could best assist the diplomatic negotiations by withdrawing from them and saying we will deal with it militarily if a verifiable agreement is not reached in 30 days.
  9. With N. Korea starving, Iran can offer them money to buy food and low cost/free petroleum. I am not sure if Iran hasn't purchased some bombs from them. Iran maybe pretending that they are developing nukes themselves to get some bragging rights amongst their arab brothren.

    However, from an Iranian point of view, the attack on a poorly armed Iraq by the US and a nuclear powered Israel, may provide a reasonable impetus to own nukes. What is food for the goose is food for the gander too.
  10. The ruler of N. Korea is NOT starving, feeding his people is certainly not his priority, he's got absolutely no incentive to sell nukes and risk being obliterated.
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