Iran Sentences 4 Suspects to Death for Bank Scam

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    Four people have been sentenced to death by hanging for their role in an enormous fraud scheme, Iranian state news agency IRNA reports.

    According to a Persian-language news article, 39 people were convicted due to their part in the crime, with jail sentences ranging from life to 10 years handed out. Some were also sentenced to flogging.

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    How many in Wall St. would have been hung if the Iranians had their way ?

    Madoff & co ? The taxpayers might have wished for the much cheaper option. It costs the taxpayers about $100,000 per year to keep Madoff in a luxury jail.

    Plenty more at the bottom might have paid more attention to legality if a good flogging was the result. Some sort of hypocritical Christian values still rules. Roll on crime - it pays.
  3. In other countres, the alternate ending to "It's a Wonderful Life" is played to show how bankers should be treated. Iran is just one taking it to the extreme.

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