Iran says will strike U.S., Israel if attacked: agency

Discussion in 'Politics' started by asap, Apr 26, 2007.

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    Well usually they either explode in midair or they hit the ground and then they explode. It all depends on how they are configured.
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  2. Politically, it would be foolish and the US would further alienate the Middle East and European countries. Such action would also displease Russia and China. The price of oil would surely go up considerably, and that would not help to keep inflation at check. It is time to stabilize the region and dropping bombs and destroying other countries' property is not the best way to do it especially when the US is seen as the aggressor in the region and as a defender of undemocratic regimes and a status quo which is very far from introducing and promoting democracy in the region.
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    You mean a Terrorist Country with a long history of anti Americanism and Antisemitism.

    Iran was and is the real Fox in the middle east and Bushy baby has the US chasing rats and rabbits in the WRONG country.


    All Arabs are the same right ?

    Sheesh what a colossal blunder by Bush
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  4. I think that if you seriously analyze the relations between the US and Iran, you would too come up with a conclusion that the US had manipulated Iran a lot more often than Iran had tried to influence the US.

    Iranians are not Arabs, they are Persians.
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  5. Are they going to jump in their row boats, and raze our cities and towns. perhaps they will take the handful of diesel subs, pack them full of their best soldiers and make the journey that way, or maybe they'll just do what they have done in the past. Give their children a copy of the koran in one hand, a knife in the other, and tell them to go kill the infidels!

    Iran is starting to sound like they are short the market...and long oil....and need to make the trade work.
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    Sax that was my point :)

    The US had power over Iran in the past but this new nut job they have in there now could give a Rats Ass about money.

    He wants to DIE a glorious death and bring everyone else with him.
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  7. We had a lot of influence over Iran because it was the CIA that placed Pahlavi as the Shah of Iran and had him run the country like his own kingdom. Basically,every time the Iranians wanted to have a more transparent,more democratic government either we or the British would step in and make sure a corrupt and despotic ruler would preside over the country and could do anything as long as he was our guy. If you are familiar with Iranian Secret Police (SAVAK) methods of interrogation which was fully supported , trained and equipped by our government, then you would know why the US is not loved in that part of the world.
    Also, during Pahlavi's reign, Iran was Israel's biggest ally in the Middle East.
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    I agree and you seem to know a lot about the situation.

    What's your forecast on how this may play out ?
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  9. Guys relax, you got temper, do something about it.

    These discussions remind me of "Carrot or stick". American troops always have been good for laugh, except using their stupid push button cowards from the air
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  10. Time for engrish crasses!

    A soldiers job is not to die for his's his duty to make some other poor bastard die for his. DON'T EVER CALL OUR TROOPS COWARDS!
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