Iran Says Its Subs Can Sink Our Aircraft Carriers

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    I hope the Iranian navy knows this is a lot of B.S. out of their leaders. It's not like we haven't practiced perfecting the art of tracking and killing subs since WWII.

    Speaking to FNA on Wednesday, Lieutenant Commander of the Iranian Army's Self-Sufficiency Jihad Rear Admiral Farhad Amiri said that Iran has the best electronic diesel submarines of the world, adding that enemies, the US in particular, are most focused on Iran's astonishing subsurface capabilities.

    Amiri underlined that significance of submarines are not just indebted to their arms and equipment, "rather the tactical issues are very important", given the geographical specifications of the waters surrounding the county.

    "For example," he stated, "if an ordinary submarines can sit in the Persian Gulf's bed it would be the worst threat to the enemy."

    "That is one of the US concerns since Iranian submarines are noiseless and can easily evade detection as they are equipped with the sonar-evading technology" and can fire missiles and torpedoes simultaneously, he added.

    "When the submarine sits on the seabed it can easily target and hit an aircraft carrier traversing in the nearby regions," Amiri reiterated.
  2. We assume that "we=Israel". One can note that the latter did not exist during WWII. It may have been practicing stealing Pals' lands though.

    A zionist shill does not understand that people understands him more than he thinks he understands himself.
  3. Seems like 2003 all over again. Some goof ball middle east tyrant talking smack about how he's going to do this and that, when in reality he has no plans to do squat. Whether it's WMD's or blocking oil routes, it's all bullshit. Iran is another silly little country we could destroy in a month, but then we have another silly little country to occupy and bring "freedom and democracy too". Can't wait for that all over again. We'll see if we've learned anything. Unlikely! We must stop one little sand monkey from getting one bullshit bomb with no means of delivery. Onward christian soldiers.
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    Yep, that is where Iranian subs will be sitting. :)
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    LOL The fish need some underwater structures to use as places to hide while they grow. I can't think of a better source of structures to use than Iranian naval vessels and subs.

  6. Precisely! Impeccable analysis.
  7. Time to load up on Cl futures?

    from Debka:


    Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Al Qods commander
    In the past 48 hours, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Turkey have alerted Washington to intelligence reports of Iranian Al Qods Brigades operatives heading their way for attacks on oil installations and American targets. The alert was accompanied by a query about how the US intended to respond to the approaching menace.
    Reporting this, DEBKAfile’s intelligence and counterterrorism sources say the information relayed to Washington was more detailed and specific than the customary tip-off."

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    "Iran's submarine force currently consists of three Russian Kilo-class diesel-electric submarines (Tareq 901, Noor 902, Yunes 903), one 500-ton Nahang and four 120-ton Yono-class (also referred to as Qadir or Ghadir-class) midget submarines...."



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    Doesn't look like one of these could sit on-station on the bottom for more than a few hours.

    What happens when they surface?

    We could probably crush them with just an active sonar ping from a Los Angeles class fast attack sub. :D
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    Better yet, we could dump a huge volume of pig blood in the water and the Iranians wouldn't even venture out of their own harbor. War won, game over.
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