iran sabre rattling

Discussion in 'Politics' started by niceneasy, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. the sabre rattling is becoming more and more noticeable. i really didnt think the u.s. will declare war against iran but this is shockingly familiar to the tone prior to the iraq invasion. thoughts?
  2. This thought just occurred to me today. Basically, you have two bellicose leaders who continue to escalate this matter. All the calls for diplomacy (as in the Baker report) have been rejected. And this is all going to end badly... especially for Iran.

    When you get a pair of any two idiot leaders from anywhere in the world, they are bound to trigger death and destruction. And maybe Americans will think after LBJ and GWB -- don't elect any more stubborn fucking idiots from Texas.
  3. it would certainly be one way to get people to stop talking about iraq...
  4. well our troops are already in iraq. might as well go mow their neighbor's lawn too.