Iran Revolution ends the 'Holocult'

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    Iran Revolution ends the 'Holocult'
    By Dr. Sahib M. Bleher

    Two Jews Arguing About Zionism:
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  2. Why are you posting this shit, instead of pointing out the estimated 20-30,000,000 dead civilians from the sino -japanese wars of the early 20th century?

    Let me get this right-18th (and 19) century robber barons, and their modern governments, have no right to their spoils, because by rights, it should..........all be handed over to islamic fundamentalists.

    Was that the jist of it?

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    I am not very well versed on this subject, but from what I know: If the Japanese didn't attack, then the Chinese would have died from hunger anyway. Not because of their stupidity, but because of western exploitation in China. Japan declared war on China because they wanted to prevent this country from being completely collonized by the British (like most other Asian nations).

  4. Uh, not entirely correct.

    Why do you think the thai's sided with japan, in world war 2?

    So, mass murder, trenches full of dead civilians, bayoneted, shot, bombed, tortured, is somehow equivelant to starving, due to crop failure, right?

    Oh, i forgot-all those "yellow people" look the same , dont they-and official doctrine at the time suggests all western governments regarded them as sub-human.

    True, they did. So, where does that leave the jews, huh?
    Are they "entitled " to israel, in much the same way as manchuria, or korea, might be "entitled" to the original inhabitants? Particularly, given those areas have been annexed as, or more often than the lands of israel itself.
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    That's all irrelevant. You are mixing Chinese propaganda with reality. According to most Japanese historians, the death toll of civilians is much lower as claimed. We have to assume that the truth is somewhere in the middle, but accepting what one side claims as fact is not going to create honest history. The Japanese had as much right to Manchuria as the British had to India. All depends on whether you support collonialism or not. If the Japanese didn't go for it the British would.

    Most massacres took place when Japan was already confronted by the US and the UK. While fighting on 3 fronts a weak occupying government in China wasn't an option to the Japanese.

    Israel is a terrorist state because both world wars have been fought to create it, and those who where opposed to Jewish extremism lost both wars. Even though both sides where not innocent, it's not fascist propaganda, nor dishonesty to admit that World War II and I where won by the Jews.
  6. Oh, that's all irrelevant, i see.

    "If you support colonialism"........huh?
    Look, every damn trumped up local official, prince, princess, guru, raja, rabbi, wannabe -messiah/pope /chimney sweep on the earth WOULD have taken over the planet, if they'd had the means.

    And some of them came pretty damn close.
    What your suggesting, is some of these historical characters, would have gotten closer to their goal-if they hadn't exiled jews (and everyone else, btw) from europe? Or elsewhere?

    Humanity is doomed.
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    Another question you need to ask yourself if you believe that the Jews do not control the world.

    If so many Chinese where murdered, why isn't there a Chinese Holocaust museam in every country of the world, and why aren't there new Chinese Holocaust movies coming out 24/7? Is it because the Jewish holocaust was worse than the one you mentioned?