Iran: open battles in the streets

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    Iran is unraveling:

    BEIRUT—For a second time in a week, Iran's opposition drew tens of thousands of supporters to the streets across the nation on Sunday calling for the end to the Islamic Republic's rule.

    In response, the government unleashed what witnesses said was an extraordinary number of security forces to violently battle the crowds. Witnesses said mobs of anti-riot police and plainclothes Basij militia lined the streets and on several occasions fired directly into the crowd and beat protesters with steel batons. In one neighborhood, the Basij took over a commercial building and dropped tear gas canisters from the roof onto the protesters, witnesses said.

    Basij militia dressed in black shot and killed two young men in Tehran's Vanak and Vali Asr squares, according to witness accounts posted on opposition websites. The victims haven't been identified. Dozens have been injured and arrested, according to witnesses.

    "This was the most violent protest we've had by far, and people were also really angry and fearless," said one witness from Tehran, adding that the public seemed resolved to stay on the street.

    Opposition called for a mass demonstration on Sunday to commemorate the seventh day of mourning for two slain students, Sanah Jaleh, 26 years old, and Mohamad Mokhtari, 22, who were shot dead on Monday when security forces attacked a crowd.
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    I think the government in Iran will try to kill their entire population if that is what it takes to keep power. Afterall, they have God on their side, don't they? That's what they keep telling us.
  3. Iran mullahs already buy opium from US Military connections in Afghanistan to pass off to their masses (too bad Pat Tillman was dealt with prior to blowing the whistle on this activity.....he was pissed about what he saw). Iran has had a very diligent effort to keep their very young demographic population "distracted" while profiting from the "middle man" action in the drug flow plan.

    The "young" and economically challenged in Iran will keep raising hell but they have not really pushed it yet. There may be more motivation now as these groups see what has been happening in the other "active" middle eastern/north african countries.
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    It's your contention Tillman was murdered to prevent whistle blowing? You're losing it man.
  5. Yes, I already know you did not read all the emails he sent to his father in the months before his death......too bad, just another issue where you accept THEIR story (and without asking to see the evidence)! :eek:

    Keep watching Faux News for YOUR lazily achieved idea of truth.....LOL! :eek:
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    You are correct, for some strange reason Tillman did not copy me his personal emails.
  7. So long as humans think they need governments, they deserve whatever they get from governments.
  8. Which of course Pat's father has already talked about for several years I said, Faux news not the best media source to get the truth! :eek: