Iran oil minister: See you at $100 crude

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  1. Does he have any credibility or just f*cking with the UN so they won't whack his country?
  2. fhl


    Hey mr oil minister! See you in the parking lot formerly known as Iran!
  3. Great, another war.

    Our president will fix Iran the way he fix Iraq. The world is a much better place.
  4. After he's done with the job, crude will be at $300
  5. That's something very meaningful.

    People worldwide are becoming more educated than ever before.
  6. eagle


    An obsolete losing tactic.

  7. I thought I heard today that Russia & China have said that they would not support any UN action against Iran.

    Did anybody else hear the same?
  8. It's all about money. I bet they have business ties with Iran.
  9. toc


    If hostilities against Iran take form of real action then oil will rise to $100 as Iran can only respond by trying to and temporarily shutting down the gulf of hormuz from where every single tanker with middle eastern oil should pass. However, in at most a week, US and allies will have full command and control of this area so any rise in oil prices will only be temporary.
  10. mhashe


    Only $100?

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