Iran Nuke program.

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  2. Tough-Guy Bush was asked by the Israelis in early 2008 for permission to fly across Iraqi airspace and use American made "bunker-busting" bombs to take out that main nuclear reactor at Natanz.

    Bush denied Israel's request.
    Not once, not twice, but THREE times.

    Bush was a PUSSY.
    And here we have Cheney popping-off and criticizing Obama about National Security.

    Get real.
  3. Are you scared?

    Are you building a bomb shelter in your basement like the sheep did in the 50's?

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    I dont argue anything you just said Landis. My only point is that this situation looks as though it is going to escalate unless diplomacy of some sort is pushed and quickly. The leaders of Israel have got to be damn nervous on this news of Iran having 4000 more centrifuges than previously thought. According to the news they are enriching faster and with more accuracy. Strike by Israel could be a year away or it could be next week. The more news like this comes out and Israel will be more pressured to act. This is bad news for the global community....
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    ?????? The logic in your post escapes me. How can you derive from my post that I am nervous and am going to build a bomb shelter? I would say that I am concerned as a member of the global community. If you can honestly say that you dont care or dont give a shit about this issue, fine, just go away and let people who have thoughtful responses reply.
  6. I'm sorry for america

    I'm sorry that we have to end up begging people who hate us, who wish death upon us day and night, and who would kill us without giving it a second thought had they had the power US had

    I'm sorry for the few who care about this country, yet have to see it cripple

    I'm sorry for the few who are smart enough to realize what's going on, but don't have the power to do anything, yet have to bear a president who is stupider than a dog

    I'm sorry that our president's solution to our problems is nothing more than kissing the butt of these pathetic countries

    I'm sorry that we have lost all respect and think that we can gain it back by kissing butts, and don't realize that we lost respect because we acted as pussies, as a war machine we failed in Iraq

    I'm sorry for america
  7. Fools.

    a nuke for the persians is the greatest asset against the arab muslims, and we should encourage it.

    Just shows you how little americanos know abt politics
  8. Agreed 100%
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    Balance of power is what it's all about, Iran with nukes, Israelis with nukes... Arabs with big knives to cut each other's heads off... it's all good :D