Iran (Not Israel) offers to help clean up Oil Spill

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  2. it won't be reported.

    just like it won't be reported that israel is the only country with nukes in the middle east.

    or that they built their bombs with US uranium. with technical help from the UK and France. the same countries so eager to bomb Iran for aspiring to have nukes.
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    Israel has not vowed to wipe any country off the map, Iran has vowed to wipe Israel off the map.

    If Iran could they would nuke Israel in 1 second. Israel could wipe out all its enemies in the Middle East in less than an hour, but they don't.

    Does this tell you why the world trust Israel and why they don't trust Iran?

    Israel is a democracy, Iran is not.
  4. Iran never 'vowed to wipe Israel off the map'. The mullahs know very well that would be the end of Iran if they tried.
    Americans live in a shell created by their media. They followed like sheep to bomb Iraq, and they continue to follow like sheep to bomb Iran.

    Israel conquers and occupies land using war, Iran does not.
  5. Iran did not "vow", but the country's leader did. Either you are ignorant of the truth or playing semantics. Either way, your full of shit.
    Iran is a repressive non-democratic regime with absolutely no concern at all for her citizens. Just look at what happened to those demonstrated after the elections. That is what the government did to its' own citizens. Do you actually think people like that have any concern for those who they consider "infidels" (that includes you).
    Israel does not conquer and occupy land. Israel has been attacked several times but neighboring countries and has defended herself.
    Here are are some facts that might help you reframe your "truth".

    "It is written in the Holy Qur'an that God granted the Land of Israel to the Children of Israel and ordered them to settle therein..."(Qur'an, Sura 5:21)
    -Sheik Abdul Paleizo

    1. Israel became a state in 1312 B.C., two millennia before islam.
    2. arab refugees from Israel began calling themselves " palestinians " in 1967, two decades after (modern) Israeli statehood in 1948.
    3. After conquering the land in 1272 B.C., Jews ruled it for a thousand years and maintained a continuous presence there for 3,300 years.
    4. The only muslim rule following conquest in 633 B.C. lasted just 22 years. palestine does not exist.
    5. For over 3,300 years, Jerusalem was the Jewish capital. It was never the capital of any arab or muslim entity. Even under Jordanian rule, (East) Jerusalem was not made the capital, and no arab leader came to visit it.
    6. Jerusalem is mentioned over 700 times in the bible, but not once is it mentioned in the quran.
    7. King David founded Jerusalem; muhammed never set foot in it.
    8. Jews pray facing Jerusalem; muslims face mecca. If they are between the two cities, muslims pray facing mecca, with their backs to Jerusalem.
    9. In 1948, arab leaders urged their people to leave, promising to cleanse the land of Jewish presence. 68% of them fled without ever setting eyes on an Israeli soldier.
    10. Virtually the entire Jewish population of muslim countries had to flee as the result of violence and pogroms.
    11. Some 630,000 arabs left Israel in 1948, while close to a million Jews were forced to leave the muslim countries.
    12. In spite of the vast territories at their disposal, arab refugees were deliberately prevented from assimilating into their host countries. Of 100 million refugees following World War 2, they are the only group to have never have been allowed to integrate with their co-religionists.
    13. There are 55 muslim countries. There is only 1 Jewish state.
    14. fatah and hamas constitutions still call for the destruction of Israel. Israel ceded most of the west bank and all of gaza to the palestinian authority, and even provided it with arms.
    15. During the Jordanian occupation, Jewish holy sites were vandalized and were off limits to Jews. Under Israeli rule, all muslim and Christian holy sites are accessible to all faiths.
    16. Out of 175 United Nations Security Council resolutions up to 1990, 97 were against Israel; out of 690 general assembly resolutions, 429 were against Israel.
    17. The U.N. was silent when the Jordanians destroyed 58 synagogues in the old city of Jerusalem. It remained silent while Jordan systematically desecrated the ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives, and it remained silent when Jordan enforced apartheid laws preventing Jews from accessing the temple mount and western wall.
    18. arabs started all seven wars against Israel.

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    Israel is the only country where it is ILLEGAL for Arab to merry a Jew

    Israel is the only western backed country allowed to ILLEGALLY take other people's land

    Bulldozers return to destroy children’s playground

    Israel is the only country FORGIVEN for playing its part in 9/11 Attacks on United States of America providing excuse for present and future wars.
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    MunnyHunny you are just a rabid extremist Jew, spitting Jewish owned media propaganda

    Guys like you get entire countries into wars and hundreds of thousands of people dead.

    You represent death

    You are a predator and a parasite.
  8. Actually lots of countries permit the resumption of some poor sucker's property. Very common.

    And for the Iranian offer ... Lol ... publicity stunt.
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    You think if US called their bluff they wouldn't do it

    They would jump at the chance

    You would Think Israel would help out too considering they get 3 billion annually as a gift from US.

    Not a loan. Gift. Comprende frendo. Free Money. Why not Jews run the USA after all
  10. Emilia
    A retarded inbred antisemite spouting stormfront propaganda without any knowledge whatsoever of the truth.
    You don't even know how to spell. Talk about stupid.
    No it is NOT illegal for an Arab to marry a Jew and there are many cases. What you don't know is that if an Arab girl gets involved with a Jewish guy, there is a good chance she will be killed by her family and it has happened many times.
    And by the way? What do you thing would happen in Iran to an Arab girl who married a Jew? Forgot to think about that didn't you.
    Additionally, Israel has never taken anyone's land. The land belongs to Israel and for the record, there is A LOT of Jewish land that was stolen by Arabs, specifically in Hebron and Jaffa, and is still in Arab possession.
    The parasite/predator is the one who hides behind an anonymous web id and spouts racist bullshit trying to convince others to buy into his crazed and distorted perspective on the "zionist occupational government".
    Emilia or whatever your name is this week: do everyone a favor and crawl back under the rock you were hiding under, or better yet, take one of the guns under your bed and put it to good use on yourself. Or are you going to be the next one to put an SUV in times square to teach all those "New York Jews" a lesson?

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