Iran needs to tone up the rhetoric

Discussion in 'Politics' started by The Kin2, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. Pakistan is gonna steal the spotlight. Iran needs to do something to get back in the public's attention and allow all us oil longs to $$$
  2. Sam321


    Since the U.S. has Iraq, all we have to do is pump more oil and influence the price. It’s nice to know that Iraq is the second/third largest in light sweet crude, and neither the Islamofacists, nor Russia, nor China, nor some Arab megalomaniac has control of it.
  3. Im likely missing something, sam123, but havent most of the extraction/pumping contracts been granted to non us firms,(chinese, for example) because they can afford the -lack of security, overall?
    Are Us forces, ACTUALLY in full control of those pipelines? Hell no, and if their is an illusion of control, its because it was farmed out.

    Ultimately, the only issue, is "which " arab megalomaniac has control-the house of Saud is an extended family business, after all, always was.

    Very extended.
  4. Sam321


    Everyone at every level is too afraid to piss off the Saudis. So all we can do now is play dumb and act as though we have nothing to do with the oil flow in Iraq.

    The Iraq occupation is a chip we can play with in the long run, especially since it’s increasingly clear that we are losing our geopolitical advantage. Sooner or later, the American voter will realize that the Iraq occupation was a very wise thing to do.