Iran gives the finger to the free world. Obama hides under desk.

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  1. Chamberlain was far from a fool, he knew that dominions of the british empire had no desire to fight for czechoslovakia and that britain and france were in no position to stop hitler. The last point was decisively proven in WWII. It took USA, USSR, Britain, Freedom France movement, Canadians Australians and god knows who else to break germany's neck.

    Did you know that under Chamberlain, British invested mightily in air force and radar (things that saved them from invasion later...)
  2. Can someone explain this logic to me?

    The USA is the only country to ever use nuclear weapons to commit mass murder. Yet we are the first to get on our high horse when another country wishes to develop them.

    Are we so threatened? Or is it just another ruse to keep the military industrial complex busy and in power?
  3. Simple: US is an imperial power that covets world domination and does not want anyone to be able to say fuck you to its military.

    If a country acquires nuclear weapons, it can effectively tell USA conventional military (that US spends 500+ billion/yr on) to go fuck itself. US does not like that and resends nuclear proliferation mightily.
  4. The country you live in is free.

    Japan was not free. Iran is not free.
  5. Logic? You're a FUCKING MORON!

    What the Nazis did to the Jews was murder.

    Did you forget we were at War? And Japan struck the first blow?
  6. Why did we not nuke Germany? If we are not at war with Iran why should we care if they develop nukes? If a nation is not free then should the general populace be punished with mass murder using nuclear arms?

    Someone with 8 posts a day surely has all the correct answers.
  7. Study up on your history, son.

    1. By the time our nuclear bombs were ready to be deployed, Germany had alread been defeated.

    2. We didn't have any more bombs. We told the Japanese, "we'll obliterate you from the face of the earth if you don't surrender", but that was a bluff... we didn't have any more nuclear bombs at that time.

    3. If the Allies had relied upon a ground war to end the war in Japan, it would have likely cost 1 million lives.. half of that Americans. Dropping the bomb was the lesser of evils.. for both sides. Of course, the Japanese COULD have surrendered prior to that... after all, the Allies kicked their butts all across the Pacific.... the Japanese could have gotten the message.

    Easy to see you never faced the possibility of an enemy having you in their sights... or that you ever served in the military in any capacity..

    Only "8 posts per day"... because I'm restraining myself. If I bothered to respond to every stupid, dumb-ass spew, I'd have 100 per day, minimum.
  8. If you're not any smarter than that, you certainly don't have anything to say of interest to me... likely to anyone else with half-a-brain, either.

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