Iran gets booted from SWIFT bank system

Discussion in 'Politics' started by dolemitettu, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. JamesL


    they weren't booted yet
  2. Correct. The votes have been tallied and reported, but the switch hasn't been flipped quite yet.
  3. Can't happen soon enough. Flip the SWIFT switch to Iran off now.
  4. pspr


    At least it is another step that avoids starting a war - for now.
  5. I hope so, even the rhetoric here on ET is getting scary. I hope the guys in DC are a little better at keeping a lid on this.

  6. pspr


    Ah, you've forgotten McCain's hit song

    Bomb, bomb, bomb,

    Bomb, bomb Iran
  7. I remember, it was that song that did in his campaign, at least for many. Palin had something to do with the demise as well I guess.

  8. Eight


    hmmm... so we get payback for all the slaps in the face we got from those tribal clowns in the '70's... Make it surgical, make it take out the tribal clowns and make it easy on the general populace, they aren't such bad people...

    I notice that after we bombed the daylights out of Iraq and Libya and Afghanistan that we nearly have to pay people to try to do a terrorist attack on us, so we've established how best to "reason" with people in the ME... [lifts his glass of whiskey] here's to reason!!

    I'd rather it was just an Israeli war, they would own the frigging place and be collecting taxes inside of a couple of months, the US or coalition will mess around in there for years accomplishing nothing...

    How the hell is the US going to keep up with these wars when it's dollar loses reserve status? that is going to make for interesting times...
  9. pspr


    Nonsense. Your memory is quite faulty.

    You don't recall the October surprise of the financial collapse? McCain had pulled ahead of Obama in late September until that mess unfolded. Why else would the country have elected that retard Obama?
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