Iran furious at Star of David discovery on Google Maps

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    The Iranian government is reportedly furious after Google Maps satellite images revealed a Star of David painted on the roof of the Iran Air headquarters.

    The building was constructed by Israeli engineers before the 1979 Islamic Revolution, when the two countries were much closer. The Jerusalem Post wondered whether the symbol of Judaism had been added by "Israeli prankster architects".

    Iranian media said government officials were incensed by the discovery and have called for the Star of David to be removed from the building, which houses Iran's national airline.

    "It's interesting that even 32 years after the victory of the revolution, this Zionist star symbol has yet to be removed from the building," one Iranian site wrote.

    Israel traded arms and oil with Iran before the Islamic Revolution - and there were direct flights between Tehran and Tel Aviv - but since then relations between the countries have deteriorated and Iran has expressed its desire to destroy the Jewish state.

    Separately, Israeli news site reported that in August there was outrage throughout Iran after hundreds of Stars of David were spotted on a dome in a main square in Tehran. The discovery was met with claims that "the Zionist regime is conquering the Revolution Square".

    The blog Search Engine Land reports that in 2007 the US Navy had to redesign a swastika-shaped building in California after people discovered it on Google Maps.

    Google Maps has already sparked several international conflicts this year.