Iran condemns Virginia shootings

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  1. Iran condemns Virginia shootings

    Tue, 17 Apr 2007 11:50:38

    Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman has expressed condolences over the campus shootings in a Virginia university leaving 32 people dead.

    Condemning the massacre, Mohammad-Ali Hosseini offered the Islamic Republic's deepest sympathies to the families of victims and the American public.

    <b>The official insisted that killing innocent people from any race and nationality, by any individual or group and under any circumstances runs counter to divine and human values.</b>

    On Monday morning, a gunman killed 32 people on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Va., before taking his own life.
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  3. What you think about Iranian :confused:
  4. People, Government, religious or political ideology? I sense a readiness to leap to the defence of "something"...

    One thing is for sure. Nations like Iran that think that they can play the global game (post cold war) via. the media, are utterly naive to the true nature of the game they're involved in.

    These nations think and plan in monthly and yearly timeframes and so soundbites and, apparently, hypocritical utterances of condolence make sense to them; even more so, given the news driven reactionism of the public at large.

    In all honesty, the bluster and posturing of Iran is simply noise to the overall aims and objectives of the US, Europe and the greater World Economy. After all, America has suffered apparent strategic defeats (Vietnam/Koreas?) in the past and still powered ahead. The Cultural juggernaught that is "The West" is hardly going to be derailed by Iranian power to grab a headline.

    What leads anyone to think that the random machinations of Isamic terrorists backed by misguided Governments will have any impact in anything other than the short term? That's not to say that the impact for the aggitators that sparked the initiation of this thread aren't destined for major upheaval, I expect they are.

    America has it's issues certainly, so gun laws should be looked at as part of that. And so Iran and it's leadership should reign in their concern to the death rates in theiir own country, which they do have some infuence over and should show concern for, and the longer term destiny of their country - which they seem determined to imperil at every turn.

    Then again, would the end of Islamic fundamentalist rule in Iran be bad for Iran? Almost certainy not. Will it end? Certainly, yes as it is morally and politically bankrupt - no need to address economics as we all know the answer there. How? Don't know but Iran seems intent on hastening the demise. Perhaps this is part of the modern suicidal "fashion" in the Islamic world brought about by the Palestionian intefada and 9/11...

    Thx - D