Iran: biggest threat to the world since Hitler

Discussion in 'Politics' started by americanhero, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Iran is a clear and present danger to the USA and Israel, and we must not allow ourself to be bullied by the evil Iranian terrorists.

    To this end, I propose an alliance of the willing, to defend ourselves from the threat that Iran poses.

    The Iranian terror tentacles spread our world. The recent terror events against Georgia, Thailand and India prove this. Not content with terrorizing Georgia, Thailand and India, the Iranians are building nukes to destroy us and Israel.

    In the face of this dangerous Iranian aggression, we are left with no choice but to defend ourselves from the terrors of Iran.

    We have the Lord on our side and we have a genuine case to deploy the nuclear option as our last line of defense.

    May Jesus protect us in the dark days that lie ahead. Good will prevail against Evil, and soon Iran will be a thing of the past.